Wait a Minute…I thought This Was A Book Blog


It’s hard to blog on this much medication, especially when I rarely take an aspirin, so please excuse the lack of interaction from me to your posts and comments. I’ll be around again soon.

Last year I broke a tooth, horizontally, underneath a crown; there was nothing to do but yank it out and get an implant, the process for which I’ve been undertaking since last August. I will spare you the details of several bone implants, the failed post which was taken out December 23, and the redo on Tuesday. Every day is better, and I feel confident that this time will be a success.

But, it’s hard to blog on Vicodin.

What has helped me, more than the pain killers, is to lie curled on the couch with ice pack applied and A Clash of Kings in hand. Many years ago I read The Game of Thrones, and now my son’s obsession with the mini-series has caused me to pick up the novels again.

There are a few times in my life when the stories of a series absorbed me completely. When I was in Middle School, I tore through The Lord of The Rings, marking down passages in The Return of The King I still refer to. I was in High School in 1976, and that was the time of John Jakes’ Bicentennial series. I read each novel as it came out in a matter of days. And now, I have the story of the kings and their secrets, the schemes and wiles of the myriad of characters from Harranhal to Storm’s End. I’m practically finished with Volume Two, and longing to begin Volume 3, while remembering that I’ve promised to read Naomi by Tanizaki for June’s end.

And, don’t forget that July holds Boredom by Alberto Moravia to be discussed July 3-5, as well as Paris in July hosted by Tamara of Thyme for Tea. If we’re looking still further down the road, we find Roofbeam Reader’s event, Austen in August.

But for now, I need to crawl back to my leather sofa and see what those kings have been up to in my absence.

24 thoughts on “Wait a Minute…I thought This Was A Book Blog”

  1. I know that feeling when the meds fog up the mind & the world can appear to be on Slo mo, so hope you feel better soon.


  2. Ah, Meredith, my sympathies entirely. I, too, have had the implant process. It just takes forever to get through doesn’t it? And I didn’t have the complications that you did. So sorry about that. Here’s hoping that this post will work well and you can go on to your ‘tooth’ after a while.

    P.S. My implant works just fine, although I have become a little bit obsessive about tending to it and the gums around it. My oral surgeon and dentist have scared me senseless about ‘the implant could fail if you don’t….’. Enjoy your books and your foggy reading. If I lived near, I’d bring you something cool (like a chocolate malt). 🙂


  3. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! At least you have good books to keep you company in those times of pain 😉


  4. It’s hard to be patient, isn’t it? I’ve only had a couple of valium and a handful of Tylenol with codeine in my life, so I’m no expert on what the drugs can do, but what I do hope is that they’re helping with your pain. Groggy, we can live with. A hurting Meredith? Not so much. xoxo


  5. Get well soon, M! 🙂 As for Game of Thrones, I am also into the series, but the latest season has been quite disappointing with a very annoying finale…


  6. I hope it all heals as fast as possible and that you’ve found something engaging and fast moving to carry you through. I read the first book of Games of Thrones before travelling to Belfast for a long weekend about 4 years ago when my Aunt was the Production Designer for the series, my daughter and I had a wonderful tour of all the workshops, the sculptors, the plasterers, the castle builders and the props room was amazing. I wanted to create an impression of that medieval fantasy world before seeing how they interpreted it and it was great.

    I started watching the TV series much later and while visually impressive, I just found it too violent to want to continue. I find it a little sad how graphic the violence needs to be in order to draw viewers in today. Another reason why the book is often better for me!


  7. I hope you enjoy your books! I had a tooth break off down below the bone. I had to come out. I wasn’t a fan when the dentist had to break it into small pieces and take it out piece by piece. Yikes. So, I share your dread.


  8. Permission to rest, curl up and indulge in fantasy is often difficult to find – I’m glad you can give that gift to yourself. Dental pain is amongst the worst for me, and like you, I dont like to take medications either. Enjoy the books and the sofa. Take care.


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