A Taste of Summer: Homemade Lemonade






Combine in a saucepan:

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of water

rind of two lemons cut into pieces

Stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved. Boil about 7 minutes. Cool.


1 cup of lemon juice (5 to 6 lemons)

4 cups of ice water

Pour over ice in pitcher or tall glasses.

Amount: 6 to 8 servings

(From the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook published by Macmillan in 1950, the cookbook of my youth, found fortuitously by my mother at Restoration Hardware in 1999. Find more weekend cooking at Beth Fish Reads.)

29 thoughts on “A Taste of Summer: Homemade Lemonade”

  1. I’ve never liked lemonade. In fact I’ve only ever had maybe 3 sips of it because I didn’t like how puckery it was. A while ago my son got me hooked on raspberry lemonade though.


    1. You may like this,me specially as you can add more sugar in the initial stage of making the syrup. It’s also so delicious mixed with iced tea or sparkling water. Or, as you say, raspberries!


  2. I love lemonade and yours looks so delicious. And I love limeade too – probably more. I love Sonic’s Cherry Limeade. All that just says summer to me. Yum! Now I want some limeade. LOL


    1. Oh, I’m crazy about Sonic’s Cherry Limeade! It’s only about 9 million calories, but I’ve slurped each one with great pleasure as a summertime treat. Now I want some, too!


  3. The cookbook of my youth was the Betty Crocker Children’s cookbook – did you have that one too? I still have mine but the recipes don’t hold up as well as this one did!


    1. I didn’t have a Betty Crocker children’s cookbook; my mother and I just used the adult one. Now she makes up recipes from her good knowledge base, and I still rely on this book when I want something simple and dependable. It never lets me down. When I looked to replace it, before my mother found the original, the latest Betty Crocker cookbooks are like, “Open a can of this…” or “Tear the lid off of a box of that…” which, I must admit, is not cooking to me. (Do I have to be a snob about everything? 🙂


    1. I think infusing basil leaves would be a fantastic idea! I love all things herbal, even my fragrances if I can find them. Too many times, American perfumes smell like frosted blackberries. Anyway, thank you for the good suggestion!


  4. I love lemonade. The best I’ve found commercially is Chick-Fil-A’s, both sugar free and straight. They make it fresh every day, from fresh-squeezed lemons, and it’s the best thirst-quencher in the world.

    I had the cookbook, too, along with the Better Homes and Gardens with the red plaid cover. The world’s finest shortcake and cobbler recipes are in those books. Perfection doesn’t need improvement.


    1. Thanks for telling me about Chick-Fil-A’s; it seems everything they make is divine! Are you still enjoying thrnFlat White from Starbucks, or is it too hot for that right now? We should share a beverage together some day.

      I remember Better Homs and Gardens’ red plaid covered book! I think my mom still has one, along with a special cookie edition. I’ll look for the shortcake and cobbler recipe, thanks.


    1. Claire, I know nothing about your woodshed experience. It sounds so wonderfully intriguing! I love animals, the natural world, and even the work all that required. I remember reading in the Little House books that Laura’s mother would send ginger water to them out in the field, and that sounded so refreshing, too. I’m sure you deserved every cool drink you swallowed after such a long work day.

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  5. This sounds lovely & I think would make a nice sorbet. My favorite cookbook is Silver Spoon (Italian cooking) or Neither fish nor Fowl which is a vegetarian book .


    1. I never thought about freezing it into a sorbet,mbut what a wonderful idea! My mother used to freeze juice into Popsicles for us as children, and I don’t see whh so wouldn’t work as well. Mmmmm, Italian ice easily done!

      I don’t know the Silver Spoon cookbook (which I’ll have to look for), but I have been accused of having been born with one in my mouth. 😉


    1. It seems that whenever I buy a bag of lemons I always find a use for them. Whether it’s with my tea. Or on a crepe, or in a sauce over pasta, I’m crazy about lemons. It sounds like you have some growing? What a lucky girl!


  6. Oh, so refreshing. My mouth is watering. I love the bitter sweet of lemonade, lemon sorbet, or any lemon desert. I’m sure my mum had the betty crocker cookbook – probably from the years we lived in Canada.


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