Humphrey’s Heart

He’s just a little guy. But he’s shown me so much this week that I once knew and have since forgotten.

He wakes up in the morning full of joy. Each day holds fresh promise for him, and he greets it with eager anticipation. Will he get to hurl himself in the grass with untold abandon? Will he spend hours with a new chew toy to massage his mouth? Will there be cottage cheese in his bowl for lunch?

I’ve forgotten what it means to be so full of wonder.

The two kitties, once queens of the house, are in dismay. They can’t imagine what has happened to the tranquility they took for granted. Humphrey asks them with regularity to play, and he is met with hisses which are now accompanied by low growls in the throat. From cats. 

But he is not daunted. This puppy with one mode of locomotion, bouncing, has one attitude: “Do you want to play? Do ya wanna play? D’yawannaplay?” He asks them repeatedly, each time more eagerly, and every time he is rebuffed he returns in a little bit to ask anew.

I’ve forgotten what it means to forgive.

So he bounces and cries and coughs and wags and works his way into our hearts. Like the kitties, we have now forgotten what it meant to live quietly, which we did only a short while ago.

But I will not forget the lessons I learned from this little one,  just in his first week of training me.

17 thoughts on “Humphrey’s Heart”

  1. What a delightful portrait, and what a fun description of Humphrey’s qualities. I can only imagine the indignation of the cats! Given time, I suspect there’s a good chance they’ll adjust. In the meantime, at least they have each other. 🙂


  2. Marvellous! ..and that’s why we love our dogs; they do come to teach us again what beginnings are like and how life begins rolling along, how excellent is all kindness, even that we will absorb all the indignity a puppy creates in trade for their love. And also that our habits/choices create and dignify life. Mjs


  3. Your life has now changed irrevocably, your existence pre-humphrey is a distant memory, almost a myth. You have now excepted into your world a responsibility for which despite their growing they’ll be no reasoning with. But despite this you’ll have also excepted unconditional love, love with no need for control, love that despite one’s own evidence, will see you as wise & understanding in the face of it all & will sit waiting patiently looking at you knowing that you do have the solution to everything

    Ps. Islay says hello & that I’m on the path to a greater wisdom 🙂


  4. Even when they grow up dogs never seem to tire of enjoying the simple things in life. We could learn a lot from them. Humphrey is gorgeous! I hope he continues to bring you joy!


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