Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yesterday was a day of great celebration in my classroom. Cookies, heart shaped boxes of Ghiradelli chocolates, bags of m & m’s, and psychedelic cards were in abundance to the point of excess. I closed the day feeling a little sick.

Yet just the right valentine, from just the right person, gives a perfect lift. How grateful I am for the one above, tucked into my hand at the end of a day spent at the hospital, in my mother’s perfect writing. It is simple. It is elegant. It is lovely, just as she is.

I’m not one for soppy poems, for extravagant bouquets, for mounds of rich chocolate. I resent the “obligation” flowers and sweets I see stacked at the check-out lines of grocery stores. Far better, I think, is the heartfelt note all by itself.

There was a year, several in fact, when I had lost my first husband and faced Valentine’s Day feeling worse than dreadful. It seemed everywhere I turned, I saw couples holding hands, couples kissing, advertisements for diamond jewelry in heart shapes. Those things are extra piercing when we are alone. Some years are like that.

But joy comes in the morning. A new day will come, a day when in giving love away, we receive it back. Love is circular like that. I find it has a way of going around, sometimes pulling away from me, sometimes drawing near.

And so a note for you, dear blogging friends: wherever you are today, may you find an element of love in some measure. Whether it’s from a person, a pet, or even a favorite book, I hope you rest in the warmth of something you love.


22 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Such a beautiful post, dear friend. I so agree about the extravagance of this holiday and how difficult it might be for those who are alone (or maybe not necessarily alone, but left out of this Hallmark occasion for one reason or another). I cherish my husband’s kind words and affection throughout the year and don’t need him to prove his love to me on February 14th. We exchange cards and share a box of Godiva chocolates, which usually lasts until Easter! However, a kindred spirit sent me the sweetest Valentine and brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Meredith. You are a dear.

    P.S. I hope your mother is alright…



  2. what a lovely post. I marked the day with a craft session for children at our local library where we made cards to show how much we love this facility and want it to stay (its threatened with closure)


    1. Spending holidays with children is such a wonderful way to spend them, especially while seeing to the needs of others. I hope the library stays open, to say the least!


  3. Such a lovely post. And, to me, a Valentine can be anyone. When my hubby and I were teens and before we started dating (only 10 days before), we helped the youth group at our church put on a dinner for all the older people. It was mostly ladies, widowed ladies, but there were a few couples and men. Not sure what the criteria was, but anyway, it was a lovely event that I remember even 41 years later. Hubby and I were good friends at the time, but I got the idea as were wiping down tables afterward that he was trying to get up the nerve to ask me something.

    So, reaching out on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for the reminder, Meredith!!


  4. Nor the Sun its Selling Power ~ Brian Patten

    They say her words were like balloons
    with strings I could not hold,
    that her love was something in a shop
    cheap and far too quickly sold;

    but the tree does not price its apples
    nor the sun its selling power
    the rain does not gossip
    or speak of where it goes.


    1. Glitter! What school event would be complete without glitter?! The gift, as you say, that keeps on giving…I love he idea of years of love in a box. I keep all my cards (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, end of the year Thank yous) in a basket at the foot of our bed. They’re arranged by bundle, wrapped in ribbon, and I can’t imagine what I’ll do with them in years to come. Except perhaps read them, and remember.


  5. Beautiful post, Bellezza. I am a lover of the heartfelt note or card, too. Happy Valentine’s Day (a little belatedly now)…I enjoyed hearing about the activities you shared with your class. x


  6. Lovely post, Bellezza! I like the way Valentine’s day is celebrated in Mexico and I think other parts of Latin America. It’s not just a day of Love but also to celebrate Friendship. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


    1. Mexican holidays always seem so joyful to me, I guess in part because of the bright colors, but they also seem to include everyone such as you mentioned in your comment. I hope your weekend was good, too.


  7. What a beautiful post! We celebrated the day before with dinner, and exchanged lovely cards yesterday and some small gifts as well.


    1. My friends were talking about how expensive cards are now, basically $10.00 each! I’d hate to think that technology had a hand in that expense because real cards are such a treasure to me. Glad you have some in your hand for your celebration!


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