Havin’ My Own Private Read-a-Thon


My husband thinks that in June I’ll be resentful that there are Snow Days to make up.

But, I’m not resentful now. Nope. This morning, Day 2 of subzero temps here in Illinois, I am blissfully sitting in my favorite chair, by my favorite window, with my favorite objects: a mug of Starbucks and a basket of books.

Today there is no requirement to teach the beautiful children in my class. My only responsibility is to finish Tana French’s The Secret Place and download Michael Faber’s The Book of Strange Things on my Kindle. Perhaps it sounds like a selfish way to spend the day, but I will long remember it in May and June when I’m teaching in a 95 degree Farhenheit classroom.

If you’ll excuse me, the kettle is starting to boil…

39 thoughts on “Havin’ My Own Private Read-a-Thon

    • Really, Winter is my favorite season. There is nothing more beautiful to me than the freshness of white snow, the oblique covering it gives the world while giving me permission to stay inside and read.

      Did you notice the basket is full of books with a NEW sticker on the binding? Thank you, public library, for bringing all the books I requested months ago to me in ONE day. When I can’t possibly read them all in 21. 😉


  1. There’s nothing wrong with time for ones self, it’s the only way to recharge those batteries for when a full charge of energy is needed 🙂 and what better way to recharge the batteries than a full cup of Joe & a good read


    • Gary, I love your affirmation, per usual. I discovered a poem today, in Tana French’s mystery The Secret Place, that immediately made me think of you. I’ll put it at the top of my post when I review it.


  2. You got a snow day because to the temperature? We didn’t in Minneapolis. Well, the public schools did yesterday but the universities were all open and I had to wait for a late bus to work at 6:30 in -30 windchill. But then in Minneapolis this is normal winter weather. I hope you enjoyed your day to read!


    • It’s not that the snow’s so deep, Stefanie, as much as the fact that the windchill is a bit severe, and our district lives in fear of parent complaint. It used to be that children, and their parents, were responsible for staying warm and safe. Now, it’s the school’s responsibility. Along with everything else. Well, before I rant, suffice it to say that we don’t want the children getting frostbite, do we? I’m sure Minneopolis has people made of stronger stuff.


  3. I love looking at this photo. Beautiful post. It was 95 degrees and if you want some heat you can read about it on the Travellin’ Penguin today. So odd you have freezing weather and we swelter with bush fires in the news. I am glad you enjoyed your day. I enjoyed your day.


    • It always makes me smile to think that we’re opposite in temperatures and seasons. Personally, I much prefer the cold to heat, but I’m fairly alone in that opinion in Chicago. Thank you for your sweet sentiment at the end of your comment. xo


  4. we don’t have those days here in the UK very often but unfortunately even if we did, I would not be able to use it as an excuse since my laptop connects me to work as does the phone, The only rescue would come if the power failed but I wouldn’t want that – too cold and then too dark to read! Enjoy the bliss while you can


    • Yes, being unplugged from any electricity at all would be a bit dreary. Thanks for the wishes to enjoy the bliss. I’m sure it’s short, and tomorrow we’ll carry on as usual.


  5. What a lovely day! Snow and a lovely reading corner. I envy you the weather, here in Brussels we have grey days with rain and wind! The best thing on a day like this is, when not reading, watching tennis from Doha, Qatar, and blogging at the same time. Multitasking…?


    • I remember when I lived in Germany it seemed to rain from November to May. Surely, it was my imagination. But, there wasn’t the bitter cold we have outside of Chicago.

      Multi-tasking is a good thing, if you can do it.


  6. Bellezza, happy new year! For some reason your feed was not updating in my reader for months! I hope you are doing great and hope you are enjoying your private read-a-thon – sounds wonderful!


    • Iliana, the reason your feed was not updating was because I switched (again) to wordpress. It shouldn’t have mattered, because the URL is still dolcebellezza.net, but somehow things got screwy without the www before it. Don’t ask me, just glad you landed here. xo


  7. A snow day sounds like a gift and I’m sure you deserve it, well done on giving it to yourself for small pleasures to indulge and not surprising with all those books to read from the library!

    Love that you’ve met the Flat White, its what we drink in cafes in New Zealand and Australia, a no frills but well-made coffee and they are very popular, as are “fluffy’s” a fluffy is milk with frothy milk in an espresso cup with mini marshmallows on the side and its the kiddy drink, so that Mum’s can take their kids to cafes, they usually have a kids corner too, as the fluffy goes down faster than a flat white shared with a friend!


  8. I lost you from my feed too, and am just realizing it. Yay, I found you again! (I was looking at an old post of mine from the BookWords game and saw your name. Remember the BookWords?)

    There is nothing so sweet as a storm day – just a gift of a day.


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