What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Library?

Here is an upside down picture of the box I folded:


beside the heart-shaped rock that I found:


which reside on my desk all the year round:


But, Random House asks, “What’s the strangest thing on your desk that you’ve found?”


Find the strange things on Haruki Murakami’s desk, and a plethora of information about this most wonderful author, here.


Oh, and Happy New Year!

14 thoughts on “What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Library?”

  1. Do to space constraints, I currently have some folders and binders and a multiple ring holder on top of the books in my baker’s rack bookcase. But that’s not so strange. Hmm….


  2. Nothing weird or odd for me, but I do have a postage scale and new Moleskein journal for 2015 LOL

    Enjoy The Strange Library — It was a short, fun read. Happy New Year.


  3. not really weird but i have a glass bead I found while visiting an island off the coast of senegal, Africa. it was the location of a fortress where people were kept before they were shipped off to America as slaves for the plantations. they apparently wore glass necklaces. I have no idea of this was genuine or not but I like to think so


  4. I will have to go and look for the strangest thing in my bookshelf. There are plenty of strange stuff there – stuff that don’t belong there but I got too used to seeing them there.


    1. I think it is safe to say that anything Murakami touches, or does, or says, is bound to be a bit strange. Which is probably part of why I (we?) love him so much. Thanks for the link!


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