My January Reading Plans: Part 2


With the arrival of January, comes Tony’s January in Japan. Among the festivities he has planned for us are two read-alongs. The first is a book by the same author who wrote The Briefcase, which I found to be a tender and beautiful novel. This one is entitled Manazuru by Hiroma Kawatami. The date for discussing Manazuru with Tony is January 15.

The Sound of The Mountain

The second read-along for January in Japan is Yasunari Kawabata’s novel, The Sound of The Mountain. Discussion begins on January 29.

And so to Don Quixote I am definitely adding The Sound of The Mountain. I hope to find time for Manazuru as well.

10 thoughts on “My January Reading Plans: Part 2”

  1. Just picked up some books from the library to read this month including Roberto Bolaño’s Tres, Klas Östergren’s Gentlemen, Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s Heaven & Hell & Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross’s The rapture of the nerds, love my local library


    1. How lucky you are to have a library which contains anything by Jon Kalman Stefansson. I adored The Sorrow of Angels last year, and am so anxious to read the third in the trilogy.


  2. I just finished reading The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami.
    I’ve read The Sound of the Mountain many years back. I have to see if I still have the book.

    Adding Don Quijote will be a big squeeze.


    1. I just finished The Strange Library last night; it took, what, half an hour to read? I closed the last page feeling quite nonplussed. I even half regretted buying it except that I own everything he’s written, several in first editions. Anyway, to say that book is strange is an understatement. It reminded me of what I’d heard friends describe acid trips as like, and while I’ve never taken any drug, it certainly seemed like a trip to me. Bizarre, scary, and threatening all at once.


    1. Oh, good! I’m so glad we’ll read The Sound of The Mountain “together”. The topic of aging appeals to me, and I like Japanese literature so much anyway. I look forward to sharing thoughts with you on this one.


  3. I have a beautiful older edition of Sound of the Mountain that I have wanted to read. I’ve also been trying to decide what to read in the new year. I think I will join you!


  4. I’m looking forward to your review of the Kawakami as I loved The Briefcase / Strange Weather in Tokyo. I’m focusing on my TBR for the foreseeable future so I’ll be searching my shelves for a suitable book for January. Perhaps one of those Murakamis I keep meaning to get around to. Enjoy your January reading and a Happy New Year to you.


    1. Wasn’t The Briefcase/Strange Weather in Tokyo (strange way to name one novel two different titles!) wonderful?! I can certainly see why one would want to focus on the TBR pile, something I should be responsible about facing myself, but I do hope you’ll pick up a Murakami. It’s so good to talk about his writing with a friend.


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