I Envy Those Of You Who Have Found a Template…and Stick With It

For me, there is always something wrong.

The header area is too crowded, or the sidebars are too distracting, or the site is too difficult to navigate, or…

nothing can please me for long.

I tend to think this is the problem, for in a drawer of red lipsticks half used up, I reach for a different one every day.

On a shelf of French perfume, I spray a different one almost every day.

And while traveling through this blogging land, I’ve changed my template four times since September.


I can’t promise you I won’t change it again.

But, I am promising myself to be content with what I have because nothing in this world is quite what we hope it to be. Perfect.

27 thoughts on “I Envy Those Of You Who Have Found a Template…and Stick With It”

  1. Change is sometimes good, I agree, but honestly, I am glad the circles are gone. I like the traditional post format.


  2. Ha! Well, I haven’t changed my template since I started my blog essentially because I’m not tech savvy and I’m scared to do it on my own! That being said, I am doing a blog makeover this month with the help of a web designer…Stephanie at New Chapter Designs. Hope it turns out well!


    1. Ooh! I’m looking forward to what you come up with! After those ‘tech-y’ posts for A Month of Faorites, I realized how I’m not so tech savvy afterall; the best I can do is re-arrange my blog. I’m glad you’ve enlisted help, which is what I probably should have done years ago.


  3. Bellezza, you make changes because you care. Your blog always looks amazing. You have a good eye and are very artistic. (I finally changed my blog header after thinking about it, in a vague way, for years.)


  4. When you go for the free templates it is hard to find something that is exactly what you want even when there are custom options. Since I don;t want to be bothered to take the trouble to design my own and then pay the extra to use it, I have decided good enough is just fine. Change yours as many times as it takes to find one you can be happy with!


    1. “good enough is just fine” reminds me of that wonderful quote from the film Mary Poppins: “enough is as good as a feast”. Sometimes, I frustrate myself by believing that more than enough is better. When I clearly know it isn’t, as you remind me here.


  5. I love how often you change your template – makes me want to polish my blog up. I enjoyed the circles you recently had – it was different and fun. And I’m digging this more minimal look. I say keep changing it up when the mood strikes 🙂 You choose a different lipstick every day, while I choose a different handbag every day – LOL!


    1. Well, the circles were different and fun! I liked them, quite a lot actually, but I was concerned that they would make navigation difficult if not annoying. Which proved to be the case. Anyway, yes, let’s do different lipstick/different handbags every day just to keep things fresh!


  6. Bellezza,
    While I don’t have a blog myself I do enjoy yours and the current template is easy to read and maneuver . If I were voting this one gets a thumbs up.


    1. Joe, I’ve looked for your blog and not found it…no wonder! 🙂 However, thank you for reading mine and for weighing in on this template. I find I am particularly fond of this one as well; it’s clean, it’s simple and thank goodness, easy to navigate.


  7. I’m with you! All I ever do is changed my template. I think in the three years I’ve been book blogging I’ve changed it around 6 times. I need help.

    You have such a wonderfully individual blog name that I never seem to notice much that the layout has changed. So I don’t think your search for the perfect layout is too much of a distraction.


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