Five Must-Haves For Winter Survival

red blanket

a monogrammed cashmere blanket to snuggle under…

a kitty to lay on it with you…

a cup of Earl Grey with a shortbread cookie or two…

a journal to record one’s thoughts on a snowy afternoon…

and at least one full case of books. (As yet unread.)

What are your five requisites?

(Find more must-have ideas here.)

32 thoughts on “Five Must-Haves For Winter Survival”

    1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas break, which I am really needing right now as I try to keep 26 third graders calm and in control. The ratio is not working in my favor. 😉


  1. Not an Earl Grey tea, but all else sounds like heaven😻

    I might add– a roaring fire, Ugg slippers, 2 lap cats, iPad and mint tea.


    1. A roaring fire is most definitely required, especially if it is a real, wood burning one. (Ours, unfortunately is gas, hence the reason it was left off my particular list.) I must admit to having two cats as well, the more the merrier!


  2. Off topic, but unfortunately I really dislike this blog format: it gives me minimum idea what the post is about and I have to click on it to see if there is really something interesting in it. I cannot worm to it at all and I tend to stop reading blogs that switch to this format, which is a shame.


  3. Nice!

    For me I need:
    A handmade quilt from my great-grandma, cats, a huge cup of coffee and a scone with fruit in it but a cup of hot chocolate will do in a pinch, my reading glasses, and a pile of books on the table beside me.


    1. Oh my, handmade anything is the BEST! I love coffee just as much as tea, although at different times of the day, and our family does have a passion for the cranberry scones I make. I’ve started wearing my glasses, instead of contacts, full time because I was so tired of searching for my reading glasses all over the house! You must do much better than I at keeping them near. xo


    1. Yes, dear Trish, but you do have those two lovely girls!

      (I checked on Red Envelope’s site, where my husband found this blanket several Christmases ago, and they are sold out for this year. I suspect it’s in part because Real Simple featured them in their gift suggestion section. Really, you should put one on your list for some year.)


  4. Five must-haves for winter survival? How about shelter from the wind and cold? Something to eat, and something hot to drink. Enough clothes to keep a body warm, and a safe place to sleep? That ought to do it.


    1. Just playin’ the game set forth by those who wrote A Month of Favorites; not differentiating between the haves and the have nots. Many families of whom I seek to help every Christmas, as I recognize the bounty in my own personal life.


      1. I didn’t realize there was a game going on. And, if the post had been titled “Five Favorites for Winter Survival”, it might have come across differently to me than “Five Must-Haves.” No criticism meant, only my first response to what I read.


  5. This sounds like an awesome Winter to me! Delightful! It’s Summer here now, and it is getting really hot, but your list made me want to cuddle with a good book listening to the rain (which won’t be happening here anytime soon).


      1. Definitely a lap cat. Or, two.

        My son says one day he’ll take back the kitty his girlfriend gave him in high school. Only, now it’s too late. She’s mine, and I love her. You understand.


  6. Love that cashmere blanket! It’s a beautiful color and I’m sure quite cozy warm. Unfortunately, if I owned one, it would be covered with dog hair!

    My Five-Must-Haves for Winter:

    Hand lotion and Bert’s Bee Lip Balm for my dry hands and lips.

    Warm gloves, scarf, hat and coat to keep me cozy while walking Annie-Dog.

    Delicious red wine (preferably a Cabernet) to soothe my tired mind and fading patience after a long day at work (particularly during December).

    A patient husband who doesn’t mind scrambled eggs and toast for supper.

    Time to relax with a good book.


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