Five Favorite Non-Bookish Things

A few of my favorite non-bookish things:

Belle Noir

Red lipstick, particularly this shade from make-up artist Julie Hewett in Los Angeles. It is called Belle Noir, and it is the perfect shade of red. It is not too bright, not too orange, not too pink, not too drying, not too anything but wonderful.

iPad mini with red cover

My iPad Mini with a red cover because it says Merry Christmas all year long. And, it helps me blog and read and play games and surf the web.

Chanel brush

Chanel brushes because my mother gave me one for the second Sunday of Advent, and it is so lovely I have yet to bring myself to use it.

Rhodia pencils

Rhodia pencils because they’re Italian, made of linden wood, have  a black eraser, and their triangular shape prevents them from rolling off my desk. Or the desk of a student who has taken it.


Cappuccinos from Starbucks, mostly because my son works there, and it’s wonderful to see him so happy.

What are a few of your favorite non-bookish things?

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34 thoughts on “Five Favorite Non-Bookish Things”

  1. Rock on with that red lipstick. I am in awe of people who can wear it. I feel so self-conscious when I try (I’m more of a pinky shimmer gal or a nude shimmer). Someday, I am going to own me some red lipstick and be supremely confident in wearing it!


    1. It’s funny, the longer I wear it (for years now!) the stranger I feel without it. I’ll bet if you put it on, got over the “shock”, you’d come to love it, too. Plus, we have very similar coloring (and it does boost confidence). 🙂

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      1. I found a red lip crayon (Laura Geller Love Me Dew) in my pack that I just recently bought. I was thinking of giving it to my friend (who loves red lipstick!) But, based on your talk, I’m keeping it and will wear it the next day I’m more “fixed” up! Confidence Booster, here I come!


  2. Yay! I love everything you mentioned. I am ON THE VERGE of stepping into regular red-lip-wearing. I found a great, long-lasting liquid lipstick that is a perfect shade but OMG THE DRYING. I have to find something else, but at least I know the right shade of red for me.


    1. Perhaps you’d like one of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks? Not drying, not too intense. C’mon ask me any question about red lipstick, and I probably have a suggestion or two. It’s ridiculous! Glad to know you’re on the verge.


  3. Such a lovely list! And, of course, there is red involved. It is so cheerful 🙂
    I’ve got to try those pencils. I currently use the Ticonderoga Laddie because I like the way it feels against paper when writing – smooth. I like they way the Rhodias are shaped so they will not roll!


    1. Ticonderoga is a wonderful pencil, ,especially the black cedar ones! It’s hard to find Rhodia, and they’re rather expensive, but they last a very long time. And, a point which you put down which is too important to forget is the feel against the paper–smooth. Exactly.


  4. Had to pop back in to tell you I just ordered some Posie cheek & lip blush as well as some Camellia lip balm. They sound so luscious! I just watched an episode of At Home with Venetia in Kyoto not long ago (Japanese) and that episode was about the healing properties of camellia oil. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since. That you for making me aware of Julie Hewett products 🙂


    1. What?! I’ve never ordered the cheek & lip blush, nor the Camellia balm which I’ve long looked at. I don’t know about Venetia in Kyoto other, but I’d believe anything a Japanese person said. 🙂 Thanks for pursuing this post even further, and let me know how you like the products. Please. 🙂


  5. Bellezza,

    Your list is wonderful! I know you are partial to red lipstick and I wasn’t surprised to find it first on your list. It’s certainly worthwhile to stop and appreciate our abundance (which seems to increase it, too).

    I have many favorite things (some of which are not actual things, of course). I’ll highlight a couple of new favorite articles of clothing that I’ve been wearing this season to holiday events:

    ~ A blue, sparkly Forever 21 sweater (more of an open cardigan) I bought (last year?) from Plato’s Closet. I didn’t think I’d be wearing it (I thought it might be itchy), but it’s been perfect for holiday events.

    ~ I am also lovin’ my CK black “jeggings” with a satin finish that I bought from CostCo several months ago. They are dressy looking, and supremely comfortable.

    Happy holidays to all! 🙂


  6. Suko, blue looks so beautiful on you (as I recall from seeing a photo of you wearing it). I had not been familiar with Forever 21 until my neighbor took me there. Some of the things were a little young for me, but all were utterly charming on the right person.

    I don’t know what “jeggings” are…I assume something to do with leggings? I think in a black satin finish they would be gorgeous!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Bellezza!

      Most of the clothing at Forever 21 is too young for me, though I have purchased some pieces that I love from the store. However, the sparkly sweater I found at Plato’s Closet, a store that (brilliantly) sells gently used clothing–for teenagers!! The label in the sweater says “Forever 21”. You are right, the “jeggings” (if that is what they are properly called) are basically leggings, which fit nicely into my high boots.

      Let me add here that I love the bright red cover for your iPad mini. May your weekend be merry! 🙂


  7. Ohhhh those pencils!! I’m guessing since they made your favorites list, the erasers work really well? (I’m picky about that, I don’t want my erasers leaving smudges or marks.) Love the triangular shape, because I always have pencils rolling off the piano.


    1. Monika, you should get a few of these pencils, then. They would be perfect for not rolling off of your piano, or music stand, and the erasers work just as well as the pencil writes. It is ideal in every way, and perfect for those of us who teach/write/erare as a daily pastime.


  8. I love your list! I’m more into shock pink or crimson lipstick but just because of my complexion – I’m a “cool” type. But I can do a strong red lip when it’s a bit blueish. I’ve bought the Clinique “Nutcracker winter edition” and don’t dare using it. It’s so beautiful. 🙂


  9. I saw The Nutcracker edition when I was shopping with my mother on Monday. It was beautiful! So sparkly and crystally such as a sugar-frosted Winter morning can be. The chubby stick was too pale for me, but Im sure it will look lovley on you when you take iti out of the box. 🙂


  10. Love your red lipstick! Like others here I’ve never dared to wear that shade. Plus as a stay-home mum I hardly wear lipstick in the first place! I miss playing with makeup though and recently bought some new eyeshadow for the first time in years!


    1. I find it easier to go make-up-less when I’m home, too. But, whenever I go without lipstick now, I feel very drained looking! It’s funny how your eye gets used to something. Enjoy your new shadow!


  11. Glad u can still wear red lipstick. I think it ages me and prefer plum glosses these day. My favorite non-bookish things are Moleskein notebooks (not really bookish…LOL), unique picture frames, cashmere sweaters, leather pocketbooks and peach tea and Starbucks hot chocolate.


    1. Diane, I’m so glad you left a list of your favorites! I completely agree with you on Moleskine notebooks( !!!). They are the only kind I use to journal anymore, and they fit together so nicely on a shelf. Plus, it’s unbelievable how much writing they fit, and how sturdy they are! I should try a Starbucks hot chocolate sometime…


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