A Grateful Heart of Thanksgiving


for the day begun sharing homemade cranberry scones with my parents…

for a day off work and the time to prepare an orange and walnut salad, braised red cabbage, fresh green beans, a twelve pound turkey basted with lemon butter and an apple pie…

for books and eyes to read them…

for a humble home with a spectacular view of the river…

for twenty-five beautiful children eager to learn what I want to teach them…

for a husband faithful and true…

for a son finding his way…

for fellow readers who are patient with my blog’s changes, intermittent comments, and erratic reading habits…

for the Lord above all, who keeps us and protects us…

I send thanks from the bottom of my grateful heart.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with many reasons to offer thanks of your own.


10 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart of Thanksgiving”

  1. Beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did as well and are enjoying all the leftovers today:)


  2. I am just now catching up on your blog and had to comment on this lovely post. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving and, like me, have so very much to be thankful for. I hope the last few weeks of the year are just as enjoyable and filled with all the things you love. If I don’t “chat” with you before then, have a very Merry Christmas, dear friend. xoxo


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