Sunday Salon: Post Read-a-thon Thoughts


Because it was my most successful read-a-thon ever, and I went to bed at 3:15 for the first time since college, I didn’t go to church this morning. My husband is greeting the people at the sanctuary door without me; perhaps they have found someone else to stand by his side as it gets rather crowded around 9:00.

And I, feeling a bit selfish, slept in late and then determined to read the Word at least in my own living room. It comforts me.

As for the 24 Hour Read-a-thon…oh, my! I did complete one book, and began another. But, reading was not the highlight. It was reconnecting to old blogging friends via Twitter. Terri, Trish, and the unconquerable Andi, were in a flurry of tweets with me in the wee hours of the morning. It was so much fun to revisit friendships established in 2006.

Now I face a week with my husband’s birthday, report cards to prepare, and Halloween activities to do with my class. I look forward to it all, but doubt it can come to quite the heights of the past twenty-four hours.

Thank you, Andi, and thank you Heather, for all you did.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Post Read-a-thon Thoughts”

  1. Congratulations on a successful Readathon! I was also up until about 3:30 — such fun though, and so much good reading. It was great reading, and blogging along.


    1. Did you have a hard time the next day? It’s not hard to stay up til 3:00 for me, it’s just hard to manage the day after. It was great fun, though, and worth the tiredness.


    1. I’ve never been as successful with Twitter as I was Saturday night/Sunday morning. First of all, I’m hardly ever on it as blogging takes much time on its own, but when there’s a specific event going on Twitter is terrific. I felt very connected and up-to-date with the participants. So, you may have to get one, too.


  2. Congratulations on a satisfying read-a-thon! I hope your busy week-to-come is equally wonderful.

    I love the decorative natural bits – woody plants and brambles, etc. – you have scattered about your various photos. They are visually interesting, minimalist and relaxing all at once.


    1. Thank you, Candiss, for the comment regarding the curly Willow branches in many of my photos. I love natural things so much, my house is filled with pine cones and leaves and collections of rocks. Whatever happens to be in season. I thought they were a nice background for the oictures of books, and I’m glad you agree.


  3. That is a successful readathon! I haven’t had one like that since the first time I did it. I keep hoping for a chance to do this again, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.


    1. I’ve discovered that the time to get the most reading done is when everyone goes to bed! No errands to run, phones to answer, people to entertain. It’s great! I should read that late every night! 😉


  4. Wow! You made it up really late! I am impressed. I didn’t even try to stay up late and my husband actually tricked me into turning off the light earlier than I had planned!


    1. Those tricky husbands! I remember my son had a baby-sitter once who used to move the clocks ahead on New Year’s Eve. Every Eve at 11:00 she’d say, “Happy New Year!” and send her kids off to bed. Then she had a “proper” New Year’s Eve with her husband. Your comment just reminded me of that story.


    1. You could, Jacqui, especially if you cancelled everything the next day and made a few pots of tea to have with dark chocolate. Every reader’s dream…well, mine anyway.


  5. Love this photo, Bellezza! And what a wonderful experience you’ve had (since college 😉 ) Are you still listening to Proust Vol. 2? I’m real slow with the Vol. 3 so you have lots of time to catch up. On another note, I know how much you’re into Japanese lit., I’ve just watched the Japanese film Like Father Like Son, which won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize last year. You Must See it. Just posted my review.


    1. Hi Arti, I’m finishing up Volume 2 this week or so…our hero has just gone to Balbec with his grandmother, having rather given up on Gilberte’s affection for him. It makes me want to go to Balbec myself! To be by the beach sounds like nirvana right now. I can’t wait to get to Volume 3 which I’ll read throughout November.

      Thank you so much for telling me of the Japanese film; I so hope I can access it. I’ll be over to comment on your review.


  6. Sounds like you had a great time reading! I can’t remember the last time I stayed up past midnight…

    I haven’t been on Twitter in ages! It sounds like it was a perfect platform to keep you connected during the R-A-T. We’ll see what I’m doing next spring. I miss reading all day!


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