BBC National Short Story Award


How I would have loved to attend the ceremony for the BBC National Short Story Award. When I received the invitation earlier in September, my husband and I contemplated buying tickets from Chicago to London. We weighed the cost and effort against our jobs, but sadly, there was no way I could leave a school year just begun.

However, I watched eagerly from the sidelines, and am delighted to show you the collection of short stories which made the 2014 shortlist, published by Comma Press:
BBC Short Story anthology

The five stories included in the 2014 National Short Story Award short list are:

Find it at Waterstones and Comma Press. Or, you can listen to five of the top UK actors, including Carey Mulligan, read them (for the next fifteen days) on the BBC website here.


Coming soon: a review of each short story included in the collection.  For more information about the award follow @Booktrust and #BBCNSSA on Twitter.

15 thoughts on “BBC National Short Story Award”

  1. I definitely know how you may feel… Being ‘stuck’ with school and too passionate to drop all things and just go is sometimes part of my life too 🙂 Still, if it happens next time, you have to go, that is a sign 🙂


    1. In about three years I can retire, and then what fun there shall be! Not that I don’t love teaching now, I do. But, the hours of my day job restrict my fun significantly. 😉


  2. What a pity you couldn’t make the trip to UK. Ah well, another time perhaps. Looking forward to reading your reviews of the shortlisted stories; I’ve been listening to the podcast recordings on my daily walks.


    1. Jacqui, I don’t know why it is, but those of you living in England seem to have all the good bookish events (and publishers). From the IFFP to the BBC Short Story Award to the Man Booker Prize, not to mention Persephone Books, Peirene, and Pushkin Press, I’m ready to come over any day.

      I listened to Carey Mulligan read Bad Dreams last night. My favorite part of the experience was listening to her voice as the story did not grab me particularly. But, I’m looking forward to reading, or hearing, the other four. As you are.


  3. They have such intriguing titles, don’t they? Thanks esp. for letting us know that we can listen! I have a rainy Saturday planned, with some projects chez moi, and now I know what the background “music” will be!


    1. A short story is just the thing for listening to when one has projects to complete, or in my case, eyes too swollen from allergies to comfortably read. I hope you enjoy them on your rainy Saturday! (I just clicked on the link from my iPhone and up they came; I didn’t need to “download” a thing.)


  4. That would have been such a fun trip, but I understand being unable to make it. Hopefully, you will be able to make it next time 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to your thoughts on the Zadie Smith short story, as I really do enjoy her writing. I’m going to have find myself a copy of it.


    1. I would have liked to read something by Zadie Smith for Arti’s Diverse Universe Challenge, but this didn’t reach me in time. Remember, you can listen to each story by clicking on the link in this post if you want.


  5. Bellezza, thanks for providing the links to these! I like Audrey’s idea, to listen to them while working on projects. Each of the five stories sounds promising.


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