Thunday Thalon. A Thad Tale of What Uthed to be My Tooth.

I realize it’s just a tooth, and in the grand scheme of things it could be a lot worse. But I’d grown attached to it over the course of my lifetime, and now we are about to become separated.
“All righty then,” I said to the receptionist on Tuesday. “A week from today you guys will yank it.”
She leaned toward me. “We don’t like the patients in the waiting room to hear that word,” she said very quietly.
I looked at her.
“Yank,” she explained. “Also, we don’t use the word ‘pain’. 
“Oh,” I said. “What is it called then?”
“Discomfort,” she replied. “Like when you stub your toe.”
Only here’s the thing: my toe will still be attached to the rest of my body a week from now. And a gaping hole where tooth number four used to reside will be revealed. At least until the false tooth can be made to replace it.
I’m telling you, my lipstick just ain’t gonna look right. I might have to switch to a more a subtle shade than red for a few months. Which could make my mouth look more obvious than ever, as no one I know has seen me wear beige or pink since I was thirteen.
Can we use the word ‘hillbilly’? Or, shall I just hum the theme song to Deliverance while I’m waiting for the implant? 
It wasn’t such a good day for feeling beautiful. 
Or, for that matter, young.

10 thoughts on “Thunday Thalon. A Thad Tale of What Uthed to be My Tooth.”

  1. Sorry to hear about your tooth! We do become attached to them, yes? And no red lipstick for a while?? But that is your signature! Surround yourself with some lovely Guerlain fragrance in the meantime. I wish you fast healing my friend.


  2. Oh no – the trip to the dentist is a “discomfort” already, having to not-yank a tooth is no fun. So sorry that you have to do this! Can you wear a crown after?


  3. ugh…can I just say it stinks to get old!!! :/ discomfort? when I stub my toe….it is WAY more than discomfort….just sayin' praying it all goes smoothly for you! 🙂


  4. You have all my sympathy, especially since I hate and despise all dentists. It's not personal, it's pathological fear, but so it goes. I do have a bit of advice from one who's been there: remember that a visible imperfection is ever so much better than an imperfection of the spirit. That tooth can be fixed up, and pretty easily.

    I was in an auto accident that took out all my upper front teeth, in 1981. I was without them for three weeks, and had to go on with public speaking engagements. It was mortifying at first, and then strangely freeing. I discovered that if I pretended to be comfortable with the situation, others became comfortable, and then we all forgot about it.



  5. Linda, you cannot know how much your comment soothes me. I am just now back from the oral surgery and wondering how you managed all that needed to be done in your mouth.

    And of course, I wholeheartedly believe in the inside of a person as far more important than the outside. As you know I do, and believe yourself.

    I'm sure your smile is breathtaking. You sure give me reason to smile.


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