Books Which Arrived While I Was Gone

The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight, with drawings by Terrence Tasker;

The Good Suicides by Antonio Hill (and The Catch by Taylor Stevens underneath);

Good Morning, Mr. Mandela by Zelda la Grange;

The Parrots by Filippo Bologna (and The Last Days by Laurent Seksik, Letter From An Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig, and Barcelona Shadows by Marc Pastor underneath);

The Paris Journal signed by authors Nichole Robertson and Evan Robertson

I’m looking forward to reading all of them of course, but a few have a special role in upcoming challenges. I will highlight The Paris Journal in a post for Paris in July. I will highlight The a Good Suicides in a post for Spanish Lit Month; I’m especially looking forward to reading more about Hill’s detective Hector Salgada, who first appeared in The Summer of The Dead Toys which I recently finished. Finally, The Parrot seems like the perfect follow-up after enjoying Edward St. Aubyn’s Lost For Words. Both are satires for prestigious literary awards.
This is not to say I won’t relish the poetry in Antigone Poems, nor the tribute to Nelson Mandela’s life. Stay tuned for reviews on them all.

9 thoughts on “Books Which Arrived While I Was Gone”

  1. What a diverse group of books – I love it! I'm looking forward to Paris in July and your post on The Paris Journal 🙂 Seems like you have lots of interesting read coming up – enjoy!


  2. Letter From an Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig is one I wish had found its way to my mailbox too. What a promising and varied assortment! Happy reading!


  3. A lovely selection of books, Bellezza. I absolutely loved The Parrots; it's such a delicious satire, and although I haven't read the St. Aubyn, I think it would make for an interesting comparison. The Zweig is on my wishlist as I caught the film version of Letter from an Unknown Woman a few weeks ago, and it's well worth a look (once you've read the book of course).


  4. You received a nice collection of literary books, I would most likely enjoy any of them. I have a favorite author Stefan Zweig, he was a gentel soul.


  5. I'm intrigued by The Paris Journal. Will have to see if we have any copies in the store…

    I'm putting together my Paris in July list, which will coincide with my Summer Reading list. Don't you just love this time of year? I've been reading outside on my deck more than ever before! Of course, I get distracted by the beautiful blue sky, which is filled with puffy white clouds. I know you don't love summer, but we've had such nice weather and lots of rain. I'm sure July will get super dry and hot, though!


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