Angela Carter Week is Coming…

Caroline and Delia have declared June 8-15 as Angela Carter Week.

‘Curiosity is the most fleeting of pleasures; the moment it is satisfied, it ceases to exist and it always proves very, very expensive.’

I have downloaded Penguin’s classic, Bluebeard, in order to partake in the fete.
Have you any plans to read Angela Carter in June with us?

21 thoughts on “Angela Carter Week is Coming…”

  1. I was going to and I even looked at some of her books in the library but decided I had my Classics Club spin and I'm thinking of doing the Moby Dick challenge, 15 pages a day, from 1 June to mid July. Haven't committed yet. Doing my Monopoly challenge and also my book group monthly book which for July is Wilkie Collin's Moonstone so a bit of heavy going there. Need time for fluff too. Have fun though and I'll be reading the comments of those who do Angela Carter.


  2. Sounds like fun! I've only read one Carter book, Nights at the Circus. I remember disliking the book so much when we studied it in school, but realized that I didn't hate the book, I hated the discussion about it. The novel is actually pretty fascinating. Enjoy Bluebeard!


  3. Oooh, the Moby Dick challenge sounds great! I've long wanted to read that, but I think I'll have to wait til a better time. My June is busy with Angela Carter week and the Japanese Literature Challenge (to be announced). July is busy with Spanish Lit Month and Paris in July. It sounds you'll be just as busy! But, having a plan for one's reading, and people to share it with, is always wonderful.


  4. That's one of the great things about challenges: they push us toward what we want to read, or (as in my case) show us someone entirely new to read. Looking forward to your thoughts on Wise Children.


  5. At first, I thought Nights At The Circus was Night Circus. I never read any of Angela Carter in school, so I don't have a negative experience coming into her; isn't it interesting how a discussion can leave such a lasting (unfortunate) impression? Bluebird seems a good choice for me at this hectic time of closing the school year since it's “just” short stories.


  6. Hi Meredith, I started reading Angela Carter when first in the US. I like her a lot and she left us to soon, such awesome talented writer.
    On another subject I decided to start blogging again, I took 2 years of. My blog is in it's infancy and still a few things to do…but I am back 🙂


  7. Although I won't join with my own readings, it'll be a pleasure to follow the event; I love The Magic Toyshop, one of the best novels I've ever read, and I have great respect and admiration for the imagination Carter displayed in Nights at the Circus.


  8. Miguel, I wish I would have read your comment a few hours ago before I ordered Nights at the Circus. Not that it won't be good, but now I really want to read The Magic Toyshop. Of course, none of the book shops around me, nor our local library, have it so it looks like I'll be going back online. But, I'm thrilled to hear how much you enjoy Angela Carter, and I suspect I will, too.


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