Mailbox Monday: Highlight on Arcadia Books

How lovely to come home on a day in which I’m a bit sad to find a box filled with novels from Arcadia Books.
The fine selection included Zenith Hotel, recommended by Stu
Cold Hearts, endorsed by Jo Nesbo…
and They Were Counted, which Charles Moore (of the Daily Telegraph), says resembles “Anna Karenina and War and Peace rolled into one.”
Once again, a stack of books brings a smile to my heart. My deepest thanks, Arcadia, and a promise to get to them soon. You know, like tonight.

8 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday: Highlight on Arcadia Books”

  1. Nothing better than a mailbox filled with love. Mine had a beautiful thank you note from my god-daughter/cousin and her foster baby. I'm still smiling! Hope your week improves…


  2. What a wonderful present to come home to! They Were Counted sounds brilliant, especially with the foreword by Patrick Leigh Fermor and the comparisons to W&P.

    Happy reading – I hope they make you feel better (I'm sure they will!)


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