This little book, of only 35 pages, is the best punctuation guide I’ve seen. For one thing, it is filled with charming illustrations.

It is also a reference guide for every punctuation mark I can think of.

But, unlike the unwieldy tomes of grammar handed to me in high school, this little book has a clear explanation of the purpose of each mark as well as examples of correct usage.

I could easily use it to properly explain punctuation rules to my class.

I can also use it as a guide for those tricky little marks that escape even me. The helpful and attractive book is published by user design. Available at Central Books, Waterstones and Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Punctuation..?”

  1. How cute. Funnily enough, I love things about punctuation. Maybe it is because it's now missing in action so much and we always miss what isn't here. The younger generations don't seem to get as much teaching of punctuation as we oldies did. Great find.


  2. Twice a week, my husband teaches a night class at one of our community colleges. This guide would be very beneficial to his students, for whom many English is a second language. Others simply managed to graduate from high school with no idea how to write a simple sentence. Imagine that! Thanks for sharing this information!


  3. Nice write-up! Being able to write creatively is something not all of us are capable of. Count yourself blessed because you have a talent. Getting into the mood in writing does not have a set of rules to follow. ‘To each his own’ is what people say; however, a list of suggestions wouldn’t hurt.how to write a story


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