Good Friday Thoughts…Beyond The Shadows

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Every time I feel sad, I feel guilty.

I ought not to feel sad. I have so much.
I have a job, a career of almost thirty years, that used to mean everything to me.
I have a home from the early 1960’s that could use repainting now, but it sits by the river giving me views I could never afford.
I have a loyal and true husband, and a son who is a Marine. Maybe he’ll be deported someday.
These are riches, but they come with shadows. 
It’s the same story; I look for perfection when it is not to be found. I look for assurance when there are no promises. I look for joy when sometimes there is too much disappointment.
“Into your hands I commit my spirit,” He said. He knew that He must look beyond the circumstances and trust. Sometimes trust is the hardest thing.
But, it is the most necessary.

15 thoughts on “Good Friday Thoughts…Beyond The Shadows”

  1. I'm sure we all feel that way at times. Write to me and I'll tell you some really good news happening in my family. It might put a little smile on your face. 🙂


  2. I agree Bellezza. Trust and keep the faith. I sink into bottomless pit sometimes but I blame it on the hormones. Happy Easter my friend!


  3. These are riches, but they come with shadows.

    I wonder if you feel this way (as do I) because of the pain you've experienced in the past? I remember feeling very happy and content many years ago and then my happy world came crashing down around me. It's difficult to feel 100% happy or content, but we do have to trust that bad things don't always happen to good people. At least not repeatedly. Does this make sense?

    Sending you love this Easter week, dear friend.


  4. This just occurred to me. When he said, “Into your hands I commit my spirit,” it was at the moment of death. Perhaps the moment for us to make that commitment is now – and tomorrow, and on.

    A blessed Easter to you – with no shadows.


  5. Often and not just 'sometimes', for me anyway, trust is the hardest thing. I can never get into the 'why worry, be happy' mode, even though He has proven time and time again that He is in control. Thank you for this meaningful post, Bellezza.


  6. Beautiful post. Sadness is important, too. It brings depth and richness, and without it we would not know happiness. I don't believe there are any blessings that aren't mixed, because what we love the most lives always under threat of loss. I completely agree with you about trust – quite the hardest thing, and also a great boon if one can create it. Sending Good Friday hugs!


  7. I suppose we just have to keep on keeping on. It's so easy to get contemplative when we look at all who don't have what we do, and I think that happens a lot (at least to me), even if I'm not consciously thinking about it. I took the message of “there are people starving in China” literally — both my thinking about those who don't have what I do and then eating the food they don't have. (I'm paying for that now…). We must have sadness in our lives and I think most do, even when blessed. Without it, would we genuinely be able to value joy? I try so hard to live in my joy because I know any breath could be my last. And that usually works for me. Until I think…

    This is such a deeply thoughtful and provocative post. Thank you for opening your soul so generously.


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