The Secret Garden at Macy’s on State Street

When I was a little girl, going to Marshall Field’s on State Street was a destination place. Countless floors of dresses, accessories, furniture, children’s clothing, shoes and cosmetics could “give the lady what she wants” as Marshall Field himself directed.
It was a sad day for Chicagoans when Field’s sold out to Macy’s. Until yesterday there had been no reason for us to go to this glorified Target to purchase something and bring it home in a white plastic bag with a red emblem on it.
However, the floor filled with an interpretation of The Secret Garden let this multi-storeyed building once again take my breath.
Notice me waving to you from the top of a fountain in the opening chalk drawing, a delightful optical illusion.

A Bartlett Pear tree…

The door…

An upside down tree…
Fantastical shrubbery flowers…
A fountain before the Japanese interpretation…

A bonsai on a table…

A lady in red…

There are many more, but the post can only be so long. If you are able to visit Macy’s in Chicago, The Secret Garden will be there through Sunday, April 6.

25 thoughts on “The Secret Garden at Macy’s on State Street

  1. It is me, in the top, as opposed to the lady in red (leaves) later on. 😉

    How strange it is to see oneself in a picture. I prefer looking out from my face, rather than at it.


  2. Well you, of course, would understand the garden aspect far better than I do. I just enjoyed the fantasy of it all. There's no reason to leave Oregon for Macy's, though. 😉


  3. Leslie, I miss Marshall Field's so much! The Walnut Room at Christmas was part of the holiday for me, as well as the windows. It was my very first job out of high school, and I did love working in the cosmetic department and going to lessons from Chanel on Michigan Avenue. Well, those were the days, and I'm glad you know of which I speak.


  4. Well, all I can say is your Macy's is much better than ours — typical mall variety, nothing charming at all And that photo of you is just fabulous! Another reason for a Chicago road trip sometime soon. Although, by the time I get there, I suspect a new, less amazing display will be in its place.


  5. Your Macy's does a flower show too? Ours in Minneapolis has been doing one since the store was Dayton's. I've only gone once though and have never gone back because of the crowds and because my allergies couldn't handle it!


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