Winter Covers

As we prepare, in the Chicago area, for what appears to be yet another two days off of school (Monday and Tuesday, with expected windchills of 20 below), I thought I would follow Andi’s idea and post on my favorite Winter covers. After all, Winter is my favorite season and Japanese and Russian books are two of my favorite genres. Hope you find something inspiring to read from these pictures:

16 thoughts on “Winter Covers

  1. Winter is you favourite season?? We're always on extreme cold weather alert these days, too, and sometimes I can't stand it. It is lovely, though, I'll give it that.

    The Mishima and Kawabata covers are gorgeous! I've been waiting forever for Mishima's tetralogy in pretty covers. Will definitely get that.

    Btw, I've successfully imported my posts back to my old blog, so I'm back, yay. Happy new year! xx


  2. We hit 50 today but our high will be back in the single digits in the coming week. It's no wonder I've been battling headaches this month! Stay warm and enjoy your extra reading time.


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