S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst: Pictorial Reference Guide to Inserts (with page numbers)

In case you are one of the readers whose edition of this book has been dropped, or whose library has “helpfully” removed all the inserts, or you’re just plain worried like me that you’ll never find where they go once the book has been opened and read, I’ve taken a picture of each insert and the page to which it belongs. Perhaps some of you will find it a helpful reference (although I’m hoping none of us will ever need it).
p. vii

p. 11
p. 21
p. 33
p. 55
p. 69
p. 87
p. 101
p. 113
p. 131
p. 179
p. 191
p. 193
p. 201
p. 203
p. 243
p. 257
p. 307

p. 361
p. 377
p. 417
Inside of back cover
May you never lose your place in whatever book you read!

21 thoughts on “S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst: Pictorial Reference Guide to Inserts (with page numbers)

  1. Wow, Bellezza. I know you love origami, but this seems like a bit much! 😉

    I am really not sure I would have the patience for this — and I'm positive my kitty would not. But I am looking forward to your review, that's for sure!


  2. We can't keep this book in stock! All our copies are shrink wrapped, but we did open one and put a “display copy” sticker on the cover. I wonder if all the loose “extras” are still inside.


  3. I work at a library and we left the inserts in place. However sometimes our patrons do not. This was very helpful. Thank you.


  4. So glad to find this was helpful, dear readers! I wondered if the photos were a bit dark, as I took them last winter, but apparently they're clear enough to help you. Which is what I wanted to do.


  5. Extremely helpful! Now if someone can help me track down the six missing pieces from my library book (or clear enough to read photos of same), I'd be eternally grateful. Missing vii, 33, 55, 69, 203 & wheel.


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