New Year’s Reading Goals in a Meme

I don’t want to eat more greens, get on the treadmill after teaching all day, or lose thirty pounds before the same time next year.

I don’t want a fancy new car because my red VW Beetle suits me just fine, and besides every girl needs a car to match her lipstick.
I don’t want to set a specific number of books to read, for then I become more concerned about reaching a goal than remembering what I’ve read. Those years that I read only fifty books or so are remembered more clearly than the past few when I’ve read close to one hundred. Sometimes people ask me what I’ve read, and all I can give them is a blank stare, unable to pull a single title from the swirling depths of my mind.
So, what do I want? A few goals such as these:
1. If I could read every day it would be for at least an hour of uninterrupted time. Not checking my messages, surfing the web, being distracted with technology instead of paper.

2. I no longer want to be concerned about stats: number of visits, number of comments, number of followers.

3. My goal for this blog is to write posts that read more like a journal than an editorial.

4. I want my reading for 2014 to include many more classics than I have read the past few years.

5. It’s important to me that I give myself permission not to finish a book.

6. An author I’d like to read more of would be Charles Dickens. I’m excited about rereading Great Expectations in January with Tom; I loved The Tale of Two Cities and Bleak House. But, I want to read much more of Dickens in 2014.

7. A genre I’d like to become more familiar with is children’s literature. I read aloud to my class every day for at least thirty minutes, but I’d like to be more knowledgable about current authors for them. Besides the most wonderful Kate DiCamillo.

8. I’d like to leave more/less comments in the blog-o-sphere because it makes me feel connected with fellow readers. I’ve been far too slack about doing this in 2013.

9. When it comes to accepting Advanced Reader Copies I will probably decline. It’s been too much of a good thing, where I now feel more obligated than honored.

10. When it comes to challenges I will participate in very few. Too many times a set list makes me feel confined, and just as I don’t want to be bound to ARCs, I don’t want to be bound to promised lists. Exceptions include the TBR Challenge, the Japanese Literature Challenge 7, January in Japan and Paris in July.
Do any of these goals sound realistic to you? Have you made your own set of goals, even unconsciously, for your year of reading in 2014?

19 thoughts on “New Year’s Reading Goals in a Meme”

  1. I think that these goals are absolutely perfect. I'm fond of number three because YES. This is such a simple way of explaining why I've been a little dissatisfied with my blog in the past and how I want to change it for the future. I'm also declining 90% of ARCs that are pitched to me. Unless it is a book I was already going to read and talk about, I'm not going to take it, and it has felt really good. Happy New Year!


  2. I love this list. You're a lot like me. I don't look at stats and numbers. Phewy! Your list (out of all the ones I've read this morning on other blogs) has inspired me to consider a few things I want to change. Thank you my dear. I love our budding new bloggy friendship. Happy New Year!


  3. Somehow, I feel I've gotten away from a more personal touch. I don't like that as part of the wonder of blogging is making personal connections with one another. We agree on many points!


  4. Happy New Year to you! The vast majority of these resolutions strike a definite chord with me – particularly when it comes to ARCs, challenges, and making the decision not to finish a book. Wise words! Here's to a year of reading satisfaction.


  5. Great goals! I've been accepting less and less books and it has been a relief. I gave up looking at stats a while ago because I realized I can only do so much. Now, I need to work on giving myself permission to not finish a book. Happy New Year!


  6. I love your goals! Awesome goals! I think it is very important for us to remember we are readers as much as bloggers, maybe more reader than blogger. It is a good thing to blog because we want to and not for stats or comments, though that's a hard thing to sometimes ignore.


  7. Great goals… I like that most of them are slimming down. I usually love the books you chose to read and look forward to those reviews so keep that up. I am done with ARCs too. I actually just found out netgalley has this percentage you are supposed to meet and I haven't reviewed several ARCs so now I am only at 40%. So no more ARCs for me unless I know I can read them. Happy New Year!


  8. Excellent resolutions. Basically what you're saying is that you want to honor your reading time more and read more freely. You know I love that. 🙂


  9. Ever since I begun giving myself permission not to finish a book, my reading quality increased visibly. After the guilt of the first attempts it was actually quite liberating.


  10. Thank you for writing my New Year's Reading Goals! 🙂 Seriously, I agree with so many of these goals and hope to get back to my blogging in the coming weeks. I have a stack of books to review from last fall (!!) and I think I'll go with a shorter journal entry rather than a lengthy analysis. I could just start fresh and skip those books, but that isn't my style.

    I hope 2014 brings you great joy, dear Bellezza. I treasure our friendship and do hope I can manage a trip out to see you this year.



  11. I have a lipstick to match my car 😉 Wore it today actually!

    I agree about stats – I am who I am with work/family/life obligations too. I think it's important to write for me first. I'll also do few challenges – response to one comment I'd made about one of them was a bit…erm… I read for me!
    I love your resolutions – looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in 2014.


  12. Your goals are quite sensible, and I think realistic. I think what's important is to just read what we want and post about what we want. Last year I signed up for several challenges and I wasn't very satisfied because they pulled me in one direction and I wanted to go in another. This year I'm more interested in just following my tastes from moment to moment.


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