Christmas is over, now what?

It’s funny how when everything finally slows down (the house decorated, the presents opened, the meals prepared, Christmas come and gone) there’s an anti-climactic lull left to get through. Consequently, I haven’t accomplished much today; even dinner is re-heated meat pie from our Christmas Eve. And probably the chocolates as yet unconsumed.

I’ve reworked the header yet again, but this time I’m thrilled with the modernity and bold color of the painting “Reading” by Leslie Marcus. She will stay. For quite some time, I promise.

I’ve opened book after book searching for my next read. Roberto Bolano’s 2666? I’m afraid he didn’t do the trick. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations? Yes, eventually. Lisa Scottoline’s Accused? My goodness her work is trite! So, I’ve finally decided on Keigo Higashino’s Naoko. 

It won the Japanese Mystery Writer’s Award, and it will do nicely to help me catch up on my poor, neglected Japanese Literature Challenge 7. So far, it’s off to a very promising start…

31 thoughts on “Christmas is over, now what?”

  1. I've had a hard time settling down to read now that Christmas is over. Today was a day for getting out so I don't go stir crazy. Tomorrow is a pedi and lunch with my mom. Maybe tonight I'll be inspired to crack a book. LOVE the header!


  2. Lunch with mom sounds great! My mother and I are hoping to share a tea together tomorrow; as for reading, I'd almost forgotten how much I love the genre of Japanese literature. It never fails to grab my attention.


  3. Thanks for liking the black and white one, too, Diane. It pleased me for many years. Isn I the truth about too much food? I almost feel guilty for being so blessed!


  4. Love the new header! And, I enjoy the lull – its like the eye before the storm. I know what you mean about deciding what to read – I'm itching to read something, but nothing catches my fancy as of yet. Enjoy your book!


  5. I think that's the case for so many of us. Things come to a crashing halt and we're exhausted…but also confused about what to tackle next. At least I was. Hope you get the rest you need!


  6. Isn't she so much fun? I love her care freeness (and the red couch which is just like one I once owned)! You have been doing such a marvelous job of reading and reviewing in a steady stream I can't imagine you bogged down as I've been. 😉 xo


  7. Love the new header! I had a feeling you'd be switching things up around the New Year.

    We've been keeping busy, helping my mom sort through decades of saved paperwork and stuff. Our visit is going to be far too short, but it's so good to be together. And, there's clam chowder later today! No time for reading until the flight home. Stephen King is keeping me entertained.

    Happy New Year, dear friend!


  8. Love your new header. 🙂 I am having a hard time reading, too. I think it is just a fact I can't get settled. I am in the middle of two books I am really liking so it is just a matter of getting to them.


  9. Switching things up because it's the New Year…or, because it's the second Wednesday of the month. It seems I need no particular reason! 🙂

    I'm sure there's a lot involved, physically and emotionally, in sorting through things with your mother. She's blessed to have your presence.

    Now I'm wondering which Stephen King you have? Could it be Dr. Sleep or whatever his newest is titled?

    Happy New Year to you, dear Les!


  10. Of course today, when there are 900 things To Do I'm completely absorbed in my book (Naoko). Isn't that the way? It's hard to settle down, though, as you say right after the holidays.


  11. I really like your new heading – the painting of a woman reading. Such vibrant colors and what a comfortable pose for reading! Good luck with the Japanese novel. Looking forward to your comments.


  12. I love the new header! Great colours 🙂

    I'm keen to hear what Naoko is like… I could do with some Japanese writing for 2014 – it's one of my favourite genres and I don't give it anywhere near the attention is deserves!


  13. Oooh, I love the new header! And your book choice sounds fantastic. The Bolano made my head spin when I tried it, but maybe I wasn't in the right mood.

    I just wanted to drop by and say a belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy 2014 to you my friend. Wishing joy and blessings on your family in the coming year. Much love, Col xo


  14. Happy Holidays, Bellezza! That header is beautiful. Love seeing it. I have had a bit of a hard time settling with a book lately. I finally started a Japanese novel and it started off great but I feel kind of stalled with it. Will continue so I can at least read my one book for the challenge!


  15. I like the new header! Looks snazzy! I'm in between reads too, having just finished ME BEFORE YOU, which I loved. That certainly raises the expectation of whichever book I should read next.


  16. Nope, not Dr. Sleep, but rather 11/22/63. It's quite a long read, so I set it aside for a bit in order to read something else I've been eager to get to. I'll get back to King's book this week now that I've finished the other (which was amazing!). I highly recommend Ordinary Grace by William Kent Kreuger. LOVED it!


  17. Shall we read it together in February? I'm so up for a good mystery, I've been buried in heavier volumes and work is p.u. (You know, a sophisticated term for teaching third grade, although it's not the children that are annoying.)


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