Kevin said, “When someone asks me, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” this is what my answer is going to be: A fox, carrying a bunny through the snow.”

11 thoughts on “Kevin’s post…because it touches me

  1. I love it for many reasons: the picture itself, with its lovely swirling snow;, the tender care of the fox toward a little creature; the way he denied his instincts to harm another.

    It speaks to me on many levels.


  2. This is so beautiful – no, that's the wrong word. Touching. Gentle. Hopeful.
    Is there some other way to get to a good link except through Facebook, for those of us who aren't on Facebook?


  3. Merry Christmas dear Meredith, have a blessed day with your loved ones.
    and a Happy New Year 2014, may all your wishes come true throughout the year.
    With love

    P.S. I moved and will be back on the internet and my webpage 🙂 in January.

    I am on 'anonymous' I am on my cell phone.


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