Virtual Advent Tour Day 7: What We Need

 Marc Chagall, 1966

Perhaps the most significant gift
which could be given to any of us
is peace.

Not politicians in quarrel,
for a house divided cannot stand.
What we need
is a government upon his shoulders.

Not a heart of confusion,
unforgiveness, or envy.
What we need
is a wonderful counselor.

Not a father who turns his back,
seeking his own purposes.
What we need
is an everlasting father.

Not a peace which is temporary,
fleeting and unsubstantial,
dependent on circumstance or thing.
What we need
is the Prince of Peace.

Come, Lord Jesus.

18 thoughts on “Virtual Advent Tour Day 7: What We Need”

  1. Thanks for the lovely poem Bellezza. It was the first thing I read this morning…a great start to my day after being away for a few days! Peace, love, and hope to you and your family this season and always. While religious and political beliefs may vary over space and time, it's hard to think of anyone who could argue over the need for peace, isn't it?


  2. Beautiful and moving poem alluding to the promise in Isaiah 9. Thanks, Bellezza. May you enjoy peace and blessings this Advent and through out the Season. Coincidentally, I've posted Advent poems as well. 😉


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