Miss Buncle’s Book Free Today

How delighted I was to find Miss Buncle’s Book by D. E. Stevenson as a Free Book Friday selection offered by Barnes and Noble.

I first heard of this Miss Buncle’s Book on Persephone’s site. But, now there is the capability of ordering it today only, for free, on your Nook.

It promises to be a good weekend ahead, if book presents are already coming in.


12 thoughts on “Miss Buncle’s Book Free Today”

  1. Just jumping back on to say I got it. Even though I've had my nook for three years this is the first time I've “bought” a book from BN–so nice that it was this one, and extra nice that it came to me because of you.


  2. Audrey, perhaps you already know, but every Friday there is a free book for your nook. I've been pleasantly surprised quite a few times, although all fall the selections seem to have been of a vampire/love/teen fantasy kind of thing. This was a great surprise to find this morning! So glad you have it, too. And thank you for your kind words. As always.


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