Two New Persephones for Autumn


The Squire by Enid Bagnold
The Squire is the only novel ever written about having a baby. Of course other novels focus on pregnancy, birth and motherhood; but there isn’t another about the last few days before birth and the first few days afterwards. Enid Bagnold wrote ‘I wanted it to be exactly as objective as if a man had a baby. I wanted to pin down the quality of the pain and the love and the suprise and the effect of the birth on the mother, on the other children, on the nurse and on the servants.’
The Two Mrs Abbotts by DE Stevenson
In Miss Buncle’s Book, the heroine, wrote a novel about the village she lived in. She then had hastily to depart because the true identity of ‘John Smith’ was about to be revealed. In Miss Buncle Married she and her publisher husband leave Hampstead for Wandle-bury, a village within commutable distance of London. The Two Mrs Abbotts, the third and last sequel, set in the war, has great good humour and a real understanding of the difficulties involved in keeping the home fires burning.
Would love to be able to visit the Persephone store some time in my life. For now, I content myself with browsing online:

10 thoughts on “Two New Persephones for Autumn”

  1. Also, quick question . . . I could have sworn you reviewed Dashiell Hammett's WOMAN IN THE DARK but your author list has disappeared from the sidebar and a google search only turned up mention of it on a list, at your blog. Did you review it or did I imagine that?


  2. I feel like I've been reading Miss Buncle's book forever. Cozy story which I do plan to finish but just keep getting distracted by other books! I went to the Persephone bookstore years ago – so wonderful. Ah, now I want some new Persephones for my collection! 🙂


  3. Hi Dolce Bellezza,
    My comment has no relation to your present notes but related to books and maybe the Japanese Book Challenge.
    I finished reading A Tale for a Time Being by Ruth Ozeki-very interesting and enjoyable. The topic recent since it touches the tsunami in Japan and tangentially for a few pages 9/11. There are many layers of stories:Japanese culture, zen, science and even quantum physics and interesting cat.

    a page excerpts: “In your diary,you quoted old Jiko saying something about not- knowing, how not-knowing is the most intimate way, or did I just dream that? Anyway, I have thinking about this a lot, and I think maybe it's true, even though I don't like uncertainty. I'd much rather know, but then again, not-knowing keeps all the possibilities open. It keeps all the world alive.”

    Best regards,


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