Falling Leaves. Of Paper.

Spent most of last night tracing Burr Oak leaves from the Riverwalk outside our front door onto colored paper and cutting them out ’til until my fingers were sore.
Today I strung them on brown thread and suspended them from the hanging lamp in our entry…

as well as across the mantelpiece in our family room.ย 
I love them because they look real.ย 
I love them because they remind me of the spectacular Fall days ahead.

46 thoughts on “Falling Leaves. Of Paper.”

  1. No fall here. Not yet. We're still doing the 75/95 thing, watching for hurricanes and hoping for rain.

    Now I know why I don't have the neat little touches around here – I wouldn't have the patience for all that tracing and cutting. I will stick a branch or two of leaves in a vase, though.


  2. Don't you love those days when you finally want a sweatshirt? Those are the days I want to ride my bike, but of course I'm back in school, then. Would love to have a cocktail on the porch with you.


  3. It makes me smile to think of different parts of the world having different seasons at different times. I get so locked in to my own (narrow) world, which is one of the best things about blogging: broadening one's point of view.


  4. Pam, your comment makes me laugh because I do, in fact, have two kitties! One of them sat by me as I cut, nibbling on the scraps. She is a pal, indeed, and miraculously they both have left the hanging strings of leaves alone. I'm not quite sure why, because Christmas decorations are no holds barred!


  5. Yeah, Linda, we're hovering in the high 90's as well. In fact, our school had two Heat Days this past week as temps in the upstairs were around 106. Not the best for learning, not to mention teachers' patience.

    There's nothing more beautiful than a few branches of the Real Deal. You leave artistic touches in many places.


  6. I love your leaves – they are beautiful! Definitely very festive ๐Ÿ˜‰ Makes me wish that the leaves outside were changing colors. Oh well. Perhaps, I can make my own ๐Ÿ™‚ By the by, did I mention that I love your new header – it suits your blog perfectly.


  7. I thought they were real until I read your words. What a beautiful display of the season. I'm sure your students would enjoy doing this. Do you plan to teach them this wonderful seasonal craft idea? And as fall arrives, I know we had an earlier thought of reading Proust (2nd vol.) Are you still up to it? I just came back from Toronto, still catching up on many chores and many books TBR. If you still plan on doing it, I suggest a really slow read… like, maybe the whole fall season?


  8. The leaves are lovely…as are the responses…I think I enjoy hearing everyone's reaction to your posts (and your replies to them) almost – almost as much as the leaves themselves! It's cool here…and the salmon are running in the river…the signs of fall are all around. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Arti, I would love to read Within. Budding Grove with you (if that is indeed the title of Volume 2, I have to double check). Taking the whole fall is what I need, because my October is already booked completely with promised reviews.


  10. Oh I love these! Love how the garland looks. I'm very excited about Fall because that finally means hopefully no more 100+ degree temps here in Texas! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. They look so lovely! I'm so impressed – if I tried to do something like this it would look like it came out of a nursery school's wet afternoon…. They make a beautiful tribute to the arrival of autumn.


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