Was There Ever A More Welcome Holiday Than This?

It’s interesting to me that the books I review because I’ve promised to review them are rarely as promising as they seem. With the exception of The Boys In The Boat and Swimming To Elba, two of my favorite reads for 2013, little else has moved me. I spend hours reading what has arrived, thinking of how to compose a review, and the payoff (boredom mixed with obligation) is not worth the effort. Therefore, I’m planning on reading what I want to read as I purposed in the first place, doubly  reinforced when Andi said, “reading what I want to when I want to.”
So, that’s one respite. 
The other respite is from the 102 degree Fahrenheit classroom in which I’ve been imprisoned the past week, albeit with twenty-nine charming children. Somehow, we’ve worked through literature and cursive lessons, geometry and games. But, my husband has picked me off the couch each evening a molten lump of lead, so Saturday we went to Oak Brook after Santo’s haircut. (I am now being colored a shade named Dark Blonde when I have been a dark brunette since my 20’s; the effect over my whitening temples is that of highlights, but life is ever changing, is it not?) 
Oak Brook was full of thunder showers dumping on artist’s tents, but we dodged puddles and glass flowers to visit our favorite haunts. My husband has had the idea of buying me Fracas ever since he smelled it in a Nieman’s catalogue last year, but I wanted to smell Lauder’s new Modern Muse first. It practically replicates Narcisco Rodgriguez exactly, so we went back for the Fracas. It is indeed, as so aptly described, a buttery tuberose of many layers, such as the many coats of red over a Ferrari. Delicious stuff, as I find myself feeling toward most of what was born of the late 40’s and 50’s (note my header picture) even though I’m a child of the 60’s.
To continue the classic look I love, we ventured over to MAC for a tube of Ruby Woo and a jar of Blacktrack eye liner. Sadly, Ruby Woo is indeed like “rubbing a rock over one’s lips” as one reviewer declared, but the color is that oh-so-hard-to-achieve perfect red. And, Blacktrack kept its course all day as promised, a joy for this contact lens wearer who must endure the extreme temperatures of Illinois in August.
Greatly comforted by these delicacies of beauty, the internal promise to read what I want to read, and the prospect of yet one more day off with the potential of a Hackney burger up North, I am indeed a contented woman. It is the little things which make me happy, and I hope that this weekend you are indulging in a few of yours.

30 thoughts on “Was There Ever A More Welcome Holiday Than This?”

  1. I was always a dark brunette as well, and now a medium brunette with lighter highlights for when I, too must go “lighter”….sigh.

    I actually older women who continue to dye their hair dark brown or black when older tend to look ridiculous. I bet you look great!!

    (BTW…I can't believe you have that many kids (29) in your classroom – that seems so high:(


  2. This post made me chuckle.

    I generally agree with you about reviewing obligations, I assume these are ARC's, but I will add that I have found several of my very favorite reads in the ARC pile, in among the books I had to force myself to get through.


  3. I'll admit to being disappointed by a vast many of my review obligation books, but every once in a while one comes along that's soooo good that is just blows everything else out of the water and then I'm back on the hook for a little longer. LOL.

    Hope things cool off in your oven, I mean, classroom soon!


  4. I am so happy you had a fabulous day — there is nothing better than a day of perfume shopping. If you love tuberose, I am sure you will love putting Fracas on every day! We kayaked and had a barbecue before Mother Nature treated us to an epic thunderstorm, complete with streaky lightning! Have a fantastic (short) week.


  5. Older women with dark hair are the worst! It's far too harsh, so I suppose I must be glad that I am lighter now.

    As for 29 kids, it's a relief! I thought I'd have 31 or 32, and one actually never arrived the first day hence my “lower” numbers.


  6. I think I have lost my mind! Or maybe it's just in the dirty clothes hamper with all the sweat covered outfits.

    I don't think I'd color my hair if it wasn't for these white temples of mine, prematurely graying, Enjoy your natural hair color as long as you can! 🙂


  7. It's true that some of the best books can be found in such a like; the only difficulty is finding them! I've had to (resentfully) slog through so much to find that rare work of excellence. I can't imagine how editors feel doing this all day long for years on end!


  8. Thanks for your happy thoughts, JoAnn. We are in an air conditioned building tomorrow for a training day, but then the cool will be offset by so much talking! Hmmm, I wonder if I'm impossible to please now…


  9. I like tuberose, I actually like Dior's Poison, yet my favorite scents are of chypre (oak moss) or spice. It's my husband who's bananas over the flowers. At least he doesn't like fruity! I can't stand smelling like a sugared grape or something. 😉

    I'm sorry your kayak excursion had a stormy ending, yet I'll bet in its own way it was thrilling. And beautiful.

    So good to have you blogging again, Col.


  10. We are a bit luckier in Tasmania in schools as heat such as you describe is an OH & S issue and our strong unions won't let us work in such conditions. Air condition the rooms or send us home is what happens here once it reaches 33 C (96 F). Far too hot to do anything worthwhile. Understand not wanting to review any more. I took in a few reviews from Library Thing website and read rubbish so gave it up. Life being too short and all that. Enjoy your new buys and hair colour.


  11. Oh, that would be wonderful to have an organization against difficult working conditions. I thought America was that organization, but I think that was in my youth. 🙂

    I haven't really been involved with Library Thing, because I can't even keep up with my blog let along that, and goodreads, and Shelfari, and twitter, and all the other tech things out there for our “pleasure”.


  12. I am with you regarding read what you want, when you want. I have a pile here that looked good initially but when I finally got to reading any – it wasn't good. It feels liberating to read a book only when I feel up to it.


  13. Ladies night and that includes a nice burger.”It is the little things which make me happy”. Yes, the little things make a difference.

    I love The Boys in the Boat.

    Time to read the Woman Upstairs.


  14. We always see eye to eye, Edgar, on matters of he heart. I have The Woman Upstairs on hold at the library, but I suspect it will take forever to get into my hands. It sounds like you're enjoying it!


  15. You're going lighter and I'm considering something darker. Maybe something with subtle shades of red? My dad had red hair before it turned grey, so I see it in my coloring every so often after highlighting.

    Some day you'll have to help me pick out the perfect shade of lipstick. I am so horrible when it comes to makeup. I pretty much stick to mascara and lip balm, but could use a gentle makeover.

    I couldn't resist and clicked of to the Hackney site to see what their burgers look like. They sound divine!

    I see you have a copy of The Vintage Teacup Club. Pretty cover art. I will be interested if the book is as lovely. And you have the new Wally Lamb book! I do so like his writing, although it's been YEARS since I read I Know This Much is True. Definitely one I'd love to read again…

    I hope you are having a good start to your work week. It's still blazing hot here with no relief in sight. Sigh.


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