Too Busy Folding Pencils To Read

…and post about books. 
These origami pencils will adorn my classroom door, with a wonderful quote from James Dyson, the vacuum cleaner inventor. “The computer dictates how you do something, whereas with a pencil you’re totally free.”
Not that I dislike computers. 
But, pencils and one’s own imagination should never be underestimated.

22 thoughts on “Too Busy Folding Pencils To Read”

  1. I love your pencils! But I'm not sure I agree with the quotation. Every medium has inherent limits – I'm no more free with a pencil than I am with a computer. In fact, I might be less free with a pencil when my arthritis starts acting up and my hands cramp!

    Did I say I love your pencils?


  2. I feel the woes of arthritis kicking in myself, Linda, and I wonder how long I'll be able to fold ornaments for my Christmas tree or items for my classroom.

    Still, I marvel at what was done before technology took over our world. The paintings
    of the Renaissance, the classic novels of the 20th century (and earlier), the inventions made by those with only a pencil and a far more acute mind than mine.

    Thank you for enjoying my little hobby and affirming it. xo


  3. Beautiful pencils! I can still write letters with a pen or pencil (my knees ache, but my hands/fingers are ok), but typing on my computer is so much quicker (and neater!). Have a wonderful time with all of your new students. We're having a grand time showing our grandaughter the sights around the Black Hills & Badlands. Photos on Facebook. 🙂


  4. Another eye catching post…have a great first few weeks of school…with all the excitement of settling in…

    I liked the quote too..computers are definitely amazingly useful but handcrafted items hold a special appeal nowadays and always.


  5. Love those pencils! I was not,am not a teacher, but probably should have been. New pencils, a paper decorated shoe box and new box of crayons are still some of my favorite things.


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