Sunday Salon: What Will You Be Reading in July?

With the plethora of choices out there, it’s a rather difficult task to pin oneself down, and yet I find myself with a list of books I plan to read in July at the ready:
For Paris in July I’m going to read Paris by Edward Rutherfurd and The Honemoon in Paris, a novella by JoJo Moyes.
For the Japanese Literature Challenge I’m going to read The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima with the Magical Mystery Teacher.
And for my mother’s book club I’ll re-read The Great Gatsby which I suggested last August at our “Choosing Night” in anticipation of the film which was to be, and of course is now, released. A film, by the way, which unexpectedly delighted me.
I’m always torn, when it comes to choosing books, between wanting to have an agenda such as I’ve just outlined  and being totally free to pick up a book when the spirit moves me. It’s been a dreadfully long time since I’ve had such freedom, and while the schedule of reading for challenges, book clubs, and publishers has its own thrill so does the spontaneity of picking up a book on a whim. But, whims will have to wait until August when I can enjoy the remains of summer before the new school year begins again.
What are you reading in July?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: What Will You Be Reading in July?”

  1. I am in the middle of writing the post for my reading in July. I will definitely be reading for July in Paris and for the Japanese Lit Challenge, but I haven't decided what exactly, since there are so many options. Summer time is perfect for some Fitzgerald texts 🙂 (I haven't managed to see the new adaptation for The Great Gatsby but I hope I will this summer) Happy reading!


  2. I like your Paris choices…even just for their covers. And I completely understand your thoughts about the programs and challenegs, so thankfully my Paris choices seem like they'll hold me till August. 🙂


  3. I have a nice long Japanese book lined up to start on Monday (I need to stop reading so quickly – too many reviews!). I will also (conincidentally) have a couple of French books reviewed in July, so I'll have to link to those too 🙂


  4. I'm glad you liked Gatsby! I'm planning to finish a few books that are in various stages of completion this month (they seem to build up rather quickly…)

    I'm reading The Gift of Rain by Tan Twan Eng at the moment and so far really enjoying it. I've read another novel by him before, and find his writing style so relaxing.

    I'd also like to read a bit more of the George RR Martin series, perhaps conquer a few classics, and maybe start a not-so-difficult novel in Spanish.

    I'll be sure to come back and read your thoughts on the novels you plan to read! I like the grouping of books around Paris particularly 🙂


  5. I'm totally free this month, besides wanting to start A Dance With Dragons by George Martin soon. SO I think I'm just going to peruse the shelves and pick whatever catches my eye at the time.


  6. It is all about spontaneity for me right now. Regaining some peace and equilibrium. You and I have both been in education long enough to know what it feels like to end “one of those years.” Books as bandaids that are coming out of the box one at a time as surprises. Happy reading!


  7. At one point I used to belong to four book clubs. It was tons of fun but then I started to feel like I had “homework.”. I like to have some planned reads but for the most part I prefer to read at whim!


  8. I love making lists and plans for anything but I end up reading anything that's not in the list. I hope you get to all these wonderful books!


  9. The Sound of Waves is the only Mishima I've read and it is a wonderful story! You'll love it! I just read The Great Gatsby, recently – first time I've read it, believe it or not, although I tried to get into it on two other occasions and failed. And . . . I have an entire shelf of books with Paris in the title. I didn't realize that till I moved and started seeing so many that I set aside a special shelf for them. It surprised me. I'm not in love with Paris, although I enjoyed my one brief weekend there. I just loved London more.

    Happy reading!


  10. Forgot to say I understand that yearning to read whatever you want *when* you want. I struggle with that. The last few months, I've read mostly ARCs. I do occasionally slot in a book I want to read RIGHT NOW that isn't on the schedule, though. I've been very fortunate, this year. A lot of the ARCs I've gotten have been simply fabulous. Hopefully, that means I'm becoming a bit more discerning.


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