The River of No Return

“You think you are a singular man, an individual, Nick. A great marquess, second only to a duke, yes? You think that you control your own feelings. But time, Nick. Time is all around you. Volga: the Queen of Rivers. Mississippi: the Father of Waters. Amazon: the River Sea. The River of Time is a thousand times greater than these. As wide and deep as the universe itself. If you try now, you will feel how you swim in it. It holds you up. It feels good. But, it can pull you down. Wear your dandy clothes and drink your brandy. But do not give in. Do not drown.” (p. 192)
Time travel. A love story. Ideas which are fresh and new and original. This is a wonderful book which reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Night Circus while creating a magical spell all its own.

16 thoughts on “The River of No Return

  1. Chris, I think you would love this book. It's escape reading at its finest. Wish I could time travel when I read a book such as this… 😉 Ridgway calls it jumping, and it comes at opportune times in order to escape the Guild or the Ofan which I'll just have to let you discover for yourself.


  2. I'm not terribly fond of magic, either, and I can say this book doesn't dwell on that theme. Wasn't The Night Circus fabulous?! I had the opportunity to visit Erin Morgenstern at a book talk and she signed my book, now I'm anxious to see how they make the film which also looks promising. Anyway, I think you should give The River of No Return a try because it has the same gentle, romantic and mysterious qualities although of course a different story.


  3. I think gorgeous is a good word, Kathy. It has been a wonderful read while up north, but it would be that anywhere. You just lose yourself in the characters' lives.


  4. This ones sounds amazing!! Must definitely read later this year – perhaps in the fall. I'm glad you posted about it, otherwise I would have passed it by – thanks!


  5. I really enjoyed this book. Raced through it, in fact. Of course, that tends to make me suspicious of a book when I read it so quickly I don't even mark great quotes or anything, but I decided this book was just pure fun.


  6. I read it in two and a half days; it was a pleasure to read with not only the story but the large print and the heft of the pages. I marked several passages in the first third of the book because I was so interested in Ridgway's concept of Time. But I agree with you about the rest; them I was in for the ride.


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