Dewey’s Read a Thon #3

Pleased with my haircut, I’ve spent the rest of the day reading A Discovery of Witches. There’s no point in reaching page 1623 and calling it quits when the end is at page 1811 (of my nook, of course). Still, it feels like The Book That Would Not End. I’ve read some fairly heavy classics that were more enjoyable than this. I think that the points of witch vs. vampire, ignorance vs. knowledge, time travel vs. the present are far too drawn out.
I’ve eaten more than I ever should this weekend. It was burgers from Five Guys with my son at noon, and now I’ve just barbecued a pork tenderloin to have with cole slaw for dinner. Sitting, eating, reading are some of the finest pleasures in life, but surely they must be taken in moderation.
When I finish A Discovery Of Witches you’ll probably hear my cry of victory wherever you are. Even if it’s across the sea.

20 thoughts on “Dewey’s Read a Thon #3”

  1. The hair looks great. Five Guys sounds amazing right now. There is one right next to the Trader Joe's where I live, and now I am tempted to go over there and actually get my grocery shopping done.


  2. What gorgeous hair! I love your new do! You look fab – wild hair and red lips 😉 I have tons of curly hair, too and am always trying to figure out how to get it cut and styled – I think you just inspired me. I should embrace the curls!


  3. Nadia, embrace it immediately! There is no sense denying one of our greatest beauty assets. It helps to have a good stylist, and also I've really enjoyed sites such as curly girl dot com. You can even google curly hair cuts and look at all the images for ideas.


  4. It is naturally curly, more so than the picture shows. Santo has pulled the curls out a bit here, but I still like it very much. It took many years, though, to appreciate my hair. When I was growing up in the 70's straight and blonde was IT!


  5. I see from the next post on that you made it through! I liked this book, but I wasn't so pleased with the second in the series. And this one had plenty of flaws, mind you. Lots of needy witch, pushy vampire stuff. Blarg!


  6. Andi, I don't think I could possibly try any more of this. The theme is not something I'm drawn to particularly, it seemed very YA, actually, and it was so drawn out! I probably would have enjoyed it more if it was about 20 pages or so. 😉


  7. Love those curly locks. My hair is the exact opposite. Stick straight!

    Someday I'm going to try on lipstick.

    I'll take a pass on The Discovery of Witches. I'm having a love-hate experience with my current read (ARC of The Fifth Wave). I have yet to read a teen novel that wows me the way The Book Thief did.

    Happy Wednesday. Getting ready for another snow storm. 😉


  8. It is hard to compete with the power of The Book Thief, and I don't general like YA literature in the first place. Still not sure about all the fuss over The Fault In Our Stars…

    Anyway, thank you for liking my curls, and I don't think j could ever go back to a pale lip. (Although your fresh look is wonderful on you as I've seen via Facebook pictures!)

    The opposite of snow is expected here; today they're talking temps of 80+. Ew!!!! I hate the Illinois heat and humidity! But, the Spring flowers and trees are indeed beautiful.



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