Dewey’s Read a Thon #1

Invariably, though I long anticipate the 24 hour read-a-thon, something comes up. This time, it is my son’s last weekend before he returns to San Diego for Infantry training. It is also my Uncle’s visit from the West where he lives a most relaxed life, as opposed to the uptight attitude of Chicagoans. Of course these twenty four hours will include visits with both of these men.
Also I had made an appointment for a haircut of my tempestuous curls.
But, for now I have made myself an espresso with Lavazza coffee, and I have opened my nook to Swann’s Way which I am determined to complete with Arti for our May 15 discussion. Proust uses such lovely descriptive writing: slow and meditative and perfect for the hours lying before me.
I’m also trying to race through A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness which I wanted to read for Carl’s Once Upon a Time VII challenge. Sadly, it’s on loan from the library through the Overdrive account, which keeps reminding me the days left before it disappears from my screen. Currently, the total is 3 Days. Compared to Marcel Proust? I doubt I’ll finish it. Tales of vampires and romance have never held my attention for long.
Off to see what our narrator’s last encounter with Swann entailed…have a lovely reading day yourself. 

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