Winter 2013

He gave me love
in a silver basket
whose fluttering ribbons
slithered out around my heart

Slowly the ribbons
were withdrawn until
only the basket shiny
and hard remained

Gradually the silver basket
seemed to change into a
rough and burr covered object
that repelled and limited access


2 thoughts on “Winter 2013”

  1. Loving the poetry, is M.S, you? Here's one in return

    the Sun.

    You gave me my wings
    tho clipped and torn
    crow-tattered rags, where
    bright peacock feathers had been
    all gaudy display now muted distrust
    of a world which I'd his from with thee

    I shook doubt from these stumps
    like clay from my boots
    with foolish pride
    this Icarus flew.
    Do I need to go on,
    you knew the tale
    you were the sun
    …..I fell.


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