Folding. Reading. Playing.

I’ve been  folding origami doves for a shower present to give to my dear friend’s daughter.

They are a symbol of peace and good will, perfect for this time of year and marriage.

This particular model is a variation from one designed by Kunihiko Kasara,
and I think it looks lovely on the Christmas tree.
I also bought myself a Nook HD.
I was torn between the iPad mini and the new Nook, but I felt like the iPad mini would just be a big iPhone without the capability of calling anyone. I specifically wanted a device for reading, and that is why I decided on the Nook HD. Of course, I can check my email, I can surf the web, and I can blog on it. So maybe this is just another huge time sucker. But, I don’t care. I’m a Nook junkie, owning the first generation, the Simple Touch, and now this.
Between folding doves, and learning how to operate my new toy, Winter Break Christmas Vacation is sliding right by.

36 thoughts on “Folding. Reading. Playing.”

  1. It is, isn't it? It seemed like such a long luxurious stretch! But I'm addressing that by being as unproductive as possible. (I'll probably regret that come Wednesday, but it's peaceful and right for now.

    Your doves are just beautiful. How pretty to have a whole tree full of them, or even just a branch.

    Happy New Year, my friend!


  2. I'm surprised you don't have the nook in Australia. Clearly, I am spoiled in America; the color is a nice feature, but it tempts me to watch movies and subscribe to magazines now.


  3. Love your doves! So very pretty. I have been toying with getting a new e-reader, but I don't really need one. I'd like to have the color, but I would probably want to watch movies, etc. as well. LOL

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday time! See you in the new year!


  4. The doves are so pretty. I know what you mean about the week slipping by. I've been off since 12/21 and go back 1/2 –can't believe it is almost over.

    Enjoy your new Nook HD – it looks fun. (I treated myself to a 2nd Kindle — the Paperwhite which I love as well.

    Happy new Year!


  5. I've borrowed my son's Simple Touch Nook a couple of times when I've been given ebooks to review. I can't say that I love it. Certainly not my first choice of a way to read.

    My husband is on a quest to get me the new Nook and he's sure I'll adore it. I probably will for the web/blogging reasons and not the reading reasons. I'm still holding out though…
    2 Kids and Tired Books


  6. One year I decorated and entire tree in origami ornaments. I started making them in October and had 300 done by the time I set up the tree. It was the most be

    But I didn't have any of those wonderful little doves.


  7. As I bow my head in shame, I have to admit that I didn't need an e-reader, either. Or, at least another e-reader. I justify it by saying that the interior light, and the ability to enlarge the font, is quite necessary.

    Thanks for visiting me, Kay. I hope your Christmas was lovely.


  8. We get out of school on the 23rd, which rather feels like the ninth hour to me. Yet, we have the added benefit of returning on January 7. It does go so quickly, yet my poor husband gets practically no break at all.

    My mother almost bought the Kindle Paperwhite. I love how that edition reads without feeling like you're looking at a computer screen! (Much like the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. 😉


  9. I think having an e-reader grows on you. For the longest time, it wasn't my favorite way to read. I still don't think it is. But, I do love the ability to increase the font, or read in the dark. I do love the lightweight feel where I can hold it in one hand with a cup of tea in the other. I love having 260 books at my disposal for vacation. I guess I do love it. Overall.

    I think my husband's on a quest to get me to stop buying the newest Nook. 😉


  10. 300 origami ornaments?!!! I'm so impressed! I bet it was the most beautiful tree ever. The most I've folded is 30 or 40 at a time. Then, I give in until next year. My hands are getting stiffer; I noticed this year that it's harder to make all the little intricate folds I used to do … 😦

    I'm glad you like my simple dove.


  11. Happy New Year, Bellezza! I love the doves, and do hope you are enjoying your new Nook. I am always shy of new technology as it takes me forever to master it, but my husband gave me an ipod for Christmas and I am just about getting the hang of it!


  12. Love your doves 🙂 I debated getting that nook but decided to stick with the kindle fire. Of course every time I see that nook I want it – LOL! Enjoy your new nook! Happy New Year!!


  13. Well, I bought the nook because I had gift cards from my class, Barnes and Noble is less than a mile from my house, and I have more than 260 Nook books. But, it took me a few days to learn the intricacies of operating it as it's a bit more complicated than the Simple Touch. And, I wondered if I shouldn't have just paid the extra 150.00 for an iPad mini. Here's the thing: as with husbands, I don't think you can have everything you want in one package. 😉 The Nook HD works quite nicely, though, as a reader most of all.


  14. All my friends have Kindle Fires, even my cousin's children, which everyone seems to love. Isn't it funny, though, how someone else 's device seems more appealing than the one you own? I'm listing after the iPadini, but there's no way I can justify that after buying this!


  15. I wish I could fold origami. It's impossible for me. I can't even wrap presents.

    I love my Nook HD and hope you'll enjoy it. It is a little fancy for me: I used to have an Original Nook, and that was fine until it broke. But it has worked great for me. We're a Nook family here.


  16. It's 2:30 am New Year's Day. Happy 2013 to you Bellezza! I know I come here two days late, but still excited to see your soulful origami. They are beautifully shot. And… your intro. to the Nook HD for me seems something I might, just might consider some time in the future. Something for the reading, not phoning. Have a rewarding year!


  17. Loved the origami birds! I have always loved your origami art – you are such a talented creative artist! Your new Nook looks really cool! Hope you have many wonderful happy hours reading with your Nook!


  18. And, of course, you're supporting B&N, which means you're helping fund my paycheck. 😉 So, please, keep buying the latest and greatest new Nooks! (Which, hanging my head in shame, I am not very knowledgeable about. They keep changing!)

    Love those doves. You are so talented.

    Hi, Kay! 🙂


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