Virtual Advent Tour #2

Just back from the Starbucks drive-through where I have to share my story to add to your Christmas spirit.
“Your drink’s already been paid for,” the barista said as I took my Cinnamon Dolce from her hand.
I looked at her while registering her words.
“Yes, the car ahead of you has paid for your drink, and it’s been about seven cars in a row now that have done that,” she explained.
“Well,” I said, “you might as well make it eight,” and I held out my iPhone with the Starbucks app, being a 1960’s girl embracing the 21st century.
I drove away with my holiday drink, feeling more in the holiday spirit because what is better at Christmas than giving to others? It fills your heart with joy.

20 thoughts on “Virtual Advent Tour #2”

  1. That's so neat. I've never had that happen at Starbucks, but I was in Bob Evans for lunch one day. While there, one of my first grade students from years ago was there with her two young children. We talked a bit. They went on with their lunch, and I with mine. When I was ready to go, the server told me that my lunch had been paid for…by my former student.

    I wonder if the person who started paying for the person behind him knew he or she had started a chain reaction.


  2. I've had this happen to me two or three times in the Starbucks drive through, and I've started the chain myself a couple of times. There is no better feeling — to be the giver OR the receiver!!!


  3. That is just too cool, not only that you were a recipient of an unexpected early Christmas gift but that you took the opportunity to be a giver as well. Thanks for sharing that.


  4. Such a lovely story – I never find myself in a Starbuck's line, but I have participated in a little local custom of surprising elderly grocery shoppers with partial or even full payment of their bill. You can't imagine what it does for an 80 year-old when they realize someone's been kind to them!

    I hope your week is filled with kindnesses, and contentment.


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