Let’s Start The Month With A Give-Away!

Are you anything like I am, wearing contacts and now hunting around for reading glasses? Turning to your e-reader more and more because you can enlarge the font? Do you have more than one pair of ‘cheaters’ but can never find them when you need them? I’m of the opinion that I now need a pair in every room I frequent: the kitchen for the cookbooks, the living room for my fiction, and my desk for the papers I need to grade.
Here’s your lucky chance! Firmoo has given me the opportunity to gift twenty people, internationally, with a $20.00 gift certificate for a pair of glasses. The only thing you need to pay for, should you win, is shipping. And, the offer expires on December 25 at midnight.
One of the pairs that I think I’m going to order for myself are these:

They have many styles, many colors, a huge range for men and women. The glasses start at $8.00 and go up from there. Surely you’ll be able to find something you like within the 20.00 voucher. Enter using the form below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

5 thoughts on “Let’s Start The Month With A Give-Away!”

  1. My eye prescription recently changed after 30 years and if I wear my regular glases, I have to take them off to read and if I wear my contacts, I have to use reading glasses. I'm always losing them. You're right, having a pair in every room is probably the best thing!


  2. This was delightful to read! I've got a pair, along with my regular bifocals and sunglasses bifocals. :<) I have a shelf where they are all lined up next to the computer because when I sit here I don't need any glasses. Lotta work keeping up with glasses. :<)


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