Boo…and I MEAN IT!

I wish you could be in my classroom today. We’ve been laughing our heads off at Boo…and I MEAN IT!, by Barbara Park, with its “5 scary secrets that Paulie Allen Puffer told me by Junie B. Jones”:
1.) Real monsters and witches go trick or treating on halloween. Only they don’t even wear costumes. On account of everybody thinks they’re already dressed up.
2.) Do not carve pointy sharp teeth in your pumpkin. Or it will roll into your room while you are sleeping and eat your feet.
3.) Bats like to land on your head and live in your hair.
4.) Black witch cats can claw you into shreddle.
5.) Candy corn isn’t really corn.
But, that’s not all. The Great Pumpkin, of Linus fame, has visited us every day this week. Into our Boo Boxes he has deposited a glow-in-the-dark spider ring, an origami bookmark, a Halloween eraser, and later today he will bring those little tubs of Play-Doh which come in orange, green, white or black. (You get what you get, and you don’t have a fit.)
So, have a very Happy Halloween. And if you see the Great Pumpkin, have him save some m&m’s for me. Preferrably peanut.

25 thoughts on “Boo…and I MEAN IT!”

  1. #1 is probably true, #3 is DEFINITELY true, #5 is only true if you want it to be, I take no firm stance on #2 and #4, and of COURSE peanut. That makes them practically a food group.

    Happy Halloween!


  2. Sounds like fun. Reminds me of my days in the classroom. I'm looking forward to seeing the little guys who come by tonight for their treats.

    I only see a red x where your photos should be. 😦


  3. I'd love to be in your classroom, no, not as a fly on the wall, but a student. What fun I'd have … all the interesting reading, amusing exchanges and I'm sure creative activities… I wouldn't even know I'm learning. And BTW, I so look forward to your Anna K. wrap-up post come Nov. 15


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