For Some, It’s Read-a-Thon Hour 8

But for me, it’s Read-a-thon hour 1. Invariably, I am unable to begin when it officially begins. And, I certainly never last until it officially ends. However, for the hours in which I am able to participate, I am immeasurably glad.

My mother and I went to Oakbrook Center this morning. It was a grey and drizzling day, the perfect day to stay in bed with your book. Or, to go shopping with your mother while avoiding crowds. We don’t have much time during the week with my teaching schedule, so we took time from the Read-a-thon. We went into all our favorite stores: Paradise Pen where I actually held the new Carlo Collodi Mont Blanc pen which sells for $1,010.00; Macy’s to smell the new, but quite ordinary, Coco Noir from Chanel; Baisi Thai for a yummy lunch.
And now, in the cool of a rainy autumn afternoon, I am sitting to finish my reread of Anna Karenina, on page 671 of 817 total. I’m leading a discussion on it this Wednesday for our book club, and I don’t even care if someone complains that it’s too long. A good Russian novel and a Read-a-thon? What could be better than this?!
I’ll be back when I finish it, with news of what book I open next.

14 thoughts on “For Some, It’s Read-a-Thon Hour 8”

  1. Sometimes, being “out-of-sync” with one thing frees us to enjoy and savor our experiences. What a wonderful way to conclude the read-a-thon!


  2. This is actually the first time I've had the chance to do the Readathon with no other plans in the middle of it. It's kind of strange and lovely, but some things you just don't want to miss out on even if it *is* for a day of reading. 😉

    Hope you're enjoying the end of Anna K!


  3. Sounds like an entirely pleasant day. I've only gotten two hours of reading in so far but any mother will know that is still a grand accomplishment by two in the afternoon. 🙂 Have a peaceful reading day!


  4. I love it that the read-a-thon has this laid-back spirit where it's perfectly okay to read as much or as little as you like. It just wouldn't be in keeping with the book blog world to make it some big desperate competition. Having fun with reading is what it's all about! Glad you had a lovely time with your mother, too.


  5. It sounds like you had a lovely day with your mother. I rarely have time to shop during the week and need to take some time do venture out on the weekends, as Christmas is only a couple of months away! I've been reading all day, although I've taken an hour-long break between reading in order to stretch my legs, do some chores, eat meals with my husband and catch-up on blogs. All in all, I'm having a very productive day. I haven't read so much in one long stretch in a very long time!


  6. Sounds like a lovely day! I've been wanting to re-read Anna Karenina for awhile but haven't been up to tackling it yet. I hope you enjoy the rest of your read-a-thon!


  7. I never seem to join this readathon, simply because I work on Saturdays as well… so I should stick to readathons during school holidays 🙂 Happy reading!


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