Winner for Evel Knievel Days And Plans For August. Besides Going Back To School.

The winner of my favorite read for the summer is pburt of Reflections From The Hinterland. Congratulations!
And, what does August bring for me here in Illinois? Continued days of 90+ temperatures. The return of school with all its opening routines: Institute Day, Meet and Greet, prepare-the-room-with-a-minimum-of-things-so-children’s-work-can-be-displayed. As always, I eagerly anticipate meeting this new group of children. As always, I have to gear up for the extreme heat within the classroom and now the added pleasure of coyotes running wild in the back fields behind the playground. We won’t be having many picnics this autumn.
I’m also eagerly anticipating a few August reads, most notably Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany on August 15,
and Flaubert’s Sentimental Education with Richard and Frances on August 30. Please feel free to join in reading either of these two books. You know you have the time. 😉

24 thoughts on “Winner for Evel Knievel Days And Plans For August. Besides Going Back To School.

  1. Say it ain't so! I'm not prepared to go back to school! So much to do and not enough time to get it all done…wishing I had more time to actually rest/relax…this hasn't been the most relaxing summer!


  2. Kind of like the sound of coyotes in the fields – we only have the odd squirrel! It's all I can do to manage a few short stories at the moment what with the garden and the Olympics and … yup I'm making excuses.


  3. It seems that every August we share a comment about the $&@!? authorities and their accompanying bureaucracy. One day wr'll escape, Parrish, hopefully with our minds still intact.


  4. Yeah, coyotes in the field provide some comic relief for teachers who are looking to perfect their discipline system. 🙂

    The Olympics have definitely hindered my reading, but in a good way I think. I'm so inspired by the athletes' courage and skill. No excuses needed here; we read what we want when we want to. Period.


  5. I'm so glad you'll join in the reading of A Prayrer For Owen Meany with me! I'm going to start tomorrow right after I finish my ARC of 12/21. I've been wanting to read this particular Irving novel for so long!


  6. I hear from so many readers whom I respect that Owen Meany is their favorite; that's a big part of why I've chosen it now.

    I've sent your information to the publishers; your copy should be on its way soon.


  7. Dead Thick

    NO. I haven't kept up with the modern stuff.
    Haven't read a book in years.
    Textbooks? A few, but nothing new.
    Mind you, it's not that I don't
    have the inclination, just that
    Nothing's grabbed my fancy.

    Still, I like what I read: Hardy,
    Golding. I'll flick through
    Graham Greene if I have to.
    But no, nothing new. Mind you
    I read the reviews. They contain
    A lot of sharp observation
    After reading a couple I find
    I can form my own opinion

    I'm too busy for literature, that's the problem.
    I'm after promotion. Ideally what I'd like
    is a job in administration.
    What do I do? Teach. English.
    It's exhausting. The kids are thick.
    They've nothing between their ears.
    Do you know what? Some of them
    Haven't read a book in years.
    Brian Patten.

    Dedicated to all those who hinder the real work of teaching, may they long remain far from a classroom.


  8. Back-to-school is always so exciting. If exhausting — especially with temps like that. Here's hoping you enjoy your upcoming reads. I'll be especially interested in your thoughts on the Flaubert.


  9. Hello – I'm new to your blog and enjoying reading it! I don't plan to join in with either of these challenges, tempting though they are, but I should love to participate in your Japanese Literature one. Happy reading!


  10. Andi, “exciting” is a good term…I would have used “sweat my balls off” but it's not very appropriate for a Christian woman to talk like that. The heat made me do it. 😉

    I do eagerly anticipate school; love the new kids, their personalities and fresh opportunities to make an impact on their lives.

    I loved Flaubert's Madame Bovary so much that I had to open Sentimental Education. I can't wait to read it.


  11. Hello, Helen, so glad you found me! I'd love for you to join the Japanese Literature Challenge! Did you see the review site? Do you have any questions? Let me know.


  12. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying Owen Meany; it's the perfect read for this bittersweet time when I run around getting ready for school (at least mentally) and still try to savor the last days of summer.

    As for coyotes, maybe they'll be useful when we consider some administrators having a picnic… 😉


  13. Grrr. I just composed a long comment, then bounced up to read what others had written before clicking “publish.” Made my silly remark on Andi's thread and lost my own comment. Guess I deserved it, eh? 😉

    So… where was I?

    This California girl can not get used to kids going back to school in mid-August, in spite of living here for 20 years! Why, when I was a child , we went back the day after Labor Day. And stayed in school until mid-June. I pity the poor teachers and children who have to return next week when it's still 100+ (and some without A/C!). Even with early dismissal, it's still too hot.

    I would love to reread APFOM, but I've already read it twice and I am so not good with rereads. I tried to reread The Stand, but set it aside for a few bright and shiny ARCs and new releases. I'm hoping I live long enough so I can read all my favorite books a second time. But the publishing industry would need to come to a screeching halt for about a dozen years so I could catch up. Ha!

    Sunday, I rode my bike for the first time in several weeks. It was lovely until I got a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere. I either need to learn how to change my own tires or start a business like AAA, only for cyclists. Thank goodness I have an easy-going husband…and a pickup truck.

    I hope you can enjoy the rest of your week. I keep toying with the idea of hopping on a Southwest flight out to your city for a quick visit over a weekend. So very tempting, but not until it cools down!


  14. Thank you! I did see the review site and it's all beautifully clear at the moment so no questions!

    I'm glad I found you too!

    Good luck with keeping the coyotes at bay…



  15. Well, this wonderful reply merits a real letter in response! I'd be mad if it was lost and I had to retype it, too!

    When I was a child we went back to school after Labor Day, usually September 6th or so, too. We didn't have air conditioning, as we don't have now, but it was officially fall, there were big, shade trees, and the windows opened at least several inches. Now in these new buildings the windows open out about four inches from the bottom. That's it. There's no cross breeze, there aren't any shady trees, and it's flipping August!! Enough…I'm getting overheated just thinking about it.

    I'm loving A Prayer for Owen Meany but from what I can tell it's either a book you love or don't. I've started it before several times, but never got past the first chapter. Now I can't put it down. Understand the allure of the shiny ARC's though, even tho' the shine's beginning to dim in my return to the classics.

    I haven't been on my bike. My husband has developed osteo-arthritis in his neck, and he's been forbidden to ride while he's in physical therapy. There goes my cycling buddy. That, combined with this ridiculous heat, has kept me inside this summer.

    As for coming out here, you know how much I'd love to see you. It's just too hot, though, now. Plus, I have to go back to work… 😦


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