Wordless Wednesday: When I’m Not Reading…

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31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: When I’m Not Reading…

  1. It's one of the few activities from my childhood that I've held dear. (Except for reading, of course!) I rather miss running through the sprinkler, though. 🙂


  2. I like the angle of this shot. 🙂 It's supposed to be 101 tomorrow where I live, too ….. I'll be hiding in the A/C at work, and then hiding in the basement when I get home.


  3. I will be able to bike soon, too!!! I cannot wait. Definitely one of the activities I've continued to love since childhood, but with our loose dogs my bike has been rusting in the garage for years. It's going to be so exciting living in a place with leash laws! Wahoo! Have fun, Bellezza!


  4. Love this!!

    BTW, I rode my bike through a set of sprinklers last weekend during my 40-mile Trail Trek. Felt just like a kid! 🙂


  5. There was Flashman—a teenager in those days, a figure whose epic grandeur was shrouded from his peers but nursed desperately in those mellifluous visions and imaginings known only to himself, which though captive within that secret dreamscape yearned to find acceptance in the affections of the world beyond; in the three dimensions of reality he was an ambitious would-be Lothario concocted of the explosive mingling of incompatible elements—a young man so painfully cognizant of his flaws, yet believing stalwartly in the universe’s anointing of himself to some kind of latent greatness which required only the proper circumstance, that auspicious juncture in time, to be finally unleashed; a young man held rapturously in state by the arresting, inimitable power of female beauty, yet whose heart was gutted with the bitter cynicism of a man far advanced in years, feeling each fleshly incarnation of the fairer sex to be a mercenary, a slut without conscience, a fresh-mouthed grifter content to enchant and enslave his masculinity with a sort of pitiless puerile pleasure, the sadistic glee of a child pulling the wings off flies…

    That was the first paragraph of my novel, Ms. DB: I am wondering if you might be interested in reading it possibly for review, or commenting upon it: I have a product page on Amazon Kindle, http://www.amazon.com/Lily-The-Story-Life-ebook/dp/B008EN3TFS/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1340907073&sr=1-1&keywords=lily+the+story+of+a+life. I know this is a literary page, I wonder if the style of the novel might intrigue you. Samuel Bagby, sam1bagby@yahoo.com


  6. Jo, it's 103 today, and the humidity feels even worse. Hiding in the basement, or in my case the living room, seems the best plan for this week! I'm just hoping the A/C doesn't die…


  7. Today my mother and I went out at 7:05. It was cool enough, but almost too hot when we arrived back home 90 minutes, and an equal amount of degrees, later.


  8. Do you cycle with your children? I'm afraid I took my son with me so often when he was small that he refuses to ride with me now. If only I would have excercised some moderation.


  9. Or at least a comfy seat. Mine is an Italian leather one, but I think it's really made out of marble. It takes me from March to June to get used to it. On unmentionable places. 😉


  10. I wish I knew how to handle the maintenance and repair of my bike. I haven't a clue, and if I get a flat tire out on the trail? I'll have to use my iPhone to call for assistance. I hope you get yours fixed soon.


  11. I like cycling because it doesn't require more standing/pressure on my feet which, believe me, get enough with teaching all day. If only I could cycle year round, I'm rather stuck in the winter months and therefore don't excercise.


  12. Thanks, Nan, it's been so hot I haven't been in my bicycle in weeks ( unlike our Lesley who never seems daunted by the heat and humidity!).


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