Clara and Mr. Tiffany (and Give Away)

Clara and Mr. Tiffany is a work of historical fiction by Susan Vreeland, the author who also wrote The Girl In Hyacinth Blue. It is an eloquent look at the woman who designed the intricately detailed Tiffany lamp.

Clara Driscoll is the woman who works with Mr. Tiffany, the son of the man who began Tiffany and Company as we now know the jewelry store to be. He requires that his workers remain unmarried, which presents a large problem to Clara. Her first marriage was not a happy one, and when she pursues a romantic relationship with a man named Edward she wakes up after their first evening together to discover he has vanished. Completely.

However, she ensconces herself with her work by not only directing the girls who cut the glass for windows, but by designing the Tiffany lampshade on her own. There is much preparation to be done for the World’s Columbian Exhibition Fair which is to be held in Chicago in 1893. There is much in her heart which longs to be expressed through the glass with its light and color, as well as with a man.
Praise for the novel comes from these high places:
“Vreeland’s ability to make this complex historical novel as luminous as a Tiffany lamp is nothing less than remarkable.”—The Washington Post

“A novel as sparkling and elegant as a Tiffany lampshade . . . a sensitive portrayal of women’s struggles in the nineteenth century . . . [Susan Vreeland] has captured the tone of an era. . . . The consistent elegance and vitality of her prose make reading her book a pleasure.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“As she did for a Vermeer painting in Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Vreeland traces the secret history of an objet d’art—this time, the iconic Tiffany lamp. . . . A fascinating look at at turn-of-the-century New York City.”—People (4 out of 4 stars)

“Vreeland’s writing is so graceful, her research so exhaustive, that a reader can’t help becoming enfolded in this fascinating world.”—Los Angeles Times

“There’s no excuse for any reader of high-quality literary fiction to let this novel pass by.”—Booklist (starred review)

I am able to give a copy of this book away to one reader. Please leave me a comment if you are interested in being considered for the drawing (US/Canada). You may also read an excerpt from the novel here.

15 thoughts on “Clara and Mr. Tiffany (and Give Away)

  1. I think this book sounds very interesting. I'd love to read about the creating of the Tiffany Lamp and how Clara connects the glass with her wish to find someone to love and who will love her. I'm curious is Mr. Tiffany really required the women who worked for him to be single! How ridiculous!
    And finally, I love Clara's last name, 'Driscoll' since that is my mother's maiden name and my grandparents name!

    Thank you for this giveaway, I would love to be entered in it.


  2. I've always wanted to read Vreeland, but I never got around to The Girl in Hyacinth Blue. This topic wouldn't immediately jump out at me, but in your blurb sounds enticing!


  3. This story sounds like it's right up my alley. I have yet to read Vreeland although I want to and soon. I would love to be considered for the drawing, thank you.


  4. So weird..this book is today's Book of the Day at our library, but it's closed for the Memorial Day weekend so I couldn't borrow it. Then I stumbled upon your blog and this give away! Also thank you for your reviews, my To Read list is growing – exciting!


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