In Which I Cry With My Class Because Of A Poem


We were outisde
in the street
me and some other kids
kicking the ball
before dinner
and Sky was
chasing chasing chasing
with his feet going
every which way
and his tail
and his mouth
and he was
all over the place
smiling and wagging
and slobbering
and making
us laugh
and my dad came walking up the street
he was way down there
near the end
I could see him
after he got off the bus
and he was walk-walk-walking
and I saw him wave
and he called out
“Hey there, son!”
and so I didn’t see
the car
coming from the other way
until someone else-
one of the big kids-
called out
and I turned around
and saw a
blue car blue car
splattered with mud
speeding down the road
And I saw Sky
going after the ball
his tail
and I called him
“Sky! Sky!”
and he turned his
but it was too late
because the
blue car blue car
splattered with mud
hit Sky
thud thud thud
and kept on going
in such a hurry
so fast
so many miles to go
it couldn’t even stop
and Sky
was just there
in the road
lying on his side
with his legs bent funny
and his side heaving
and he looked up at me
and I said
“Sky! Sky! Sky!”
and then my dad
was there and he lifted Sky
out of the road
and laid him on the grass
closed his eyes

~Sharon Creech

22 thoughts on “In Which I Cry With My Class Because Of A Poem”

  1. This happens to me when I read dog stories such as Where The Red Fern Grows. But Creech's way with poems in this book and Hate That Cat are something special.


  2. Were you reading it with your children? Sometimes, it's all the more heartbreaking when I'm reading it out loud and sharing it with my class. We've been going along, savoring every word, sensing that something has happened to his dog and then bam! There it was. And more than a few of us cried. Even the boys.


  3. I'm telling you, Les…we love our family most certainly, but we also love God's creatures. To make matters worse, I now love kitties too! 😉


  4. Love that poem. Love that author. Need to get the book, so I can love it too. And yes, I experience the emotion of a book so much more when I'm reading it aloud. Something about the sharing of it makes it harder to control.


  5. I'm glad you know what I mean about the power if reading aloud Sara. It's truly something lovely to share with my class, and some of my fondest memories of my sin's childhood are when I read to him every night as he lay in bed after his bath.


  6. I read this REALLYFAST so I wouldn't cry at work. I can see why this would be such a powerful one to read with a class (or alone).


  7. Crying. I remember reading CHARLOTTE'S WEB to my third grade class and coming to the line that said Charlotte died…all alone. I had to stop for a while at that spot.

    The thing I regret about not teaching is not being up-to-date on chldren's lit. Thanks for sharing that.


  8. I love how you used a word pattern (REALLYFAST) in your comment. We've been studying these in class, and Creech uses them effectively in this book (even more so in Love That Cat).


  9. Beverly, so good to hear from you again. Who can ever forget reading Charlotte's Web's ending?! I think I cry every single time, and I've read that book more times than I can remember (to myself, as first grade reads it to their classes). People say that the book is about friends? Yes. But even more so about death and coping with it. As your beautiful post about your husband, and trusting God, shows.


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