An Origami Kiss for Valentine’s Day

Last year, I gave each of my students a Valentine bookmark. This year I’m giving them a kiss. If you want to give your Valentine such a kiss, here are the directions:

Fold a sheet of square paper diagonally, with the color inside.

Fold the triangle into approximate thirds along the bottom so that the overall shape resembles a house.

Fold the outermost point up to the top point of the flap. Do this on both sides.
Fold each point straight down. Do this on both sides.
Make little triangles off to the sides,
then fold each point sticking over the edge into a tiny triangle of its own.

Now carefully unfold the entire sheet of paper, but don’t press it flat. You’ll need the creases for subsequent folds.
Find the little triangle at the top of a corner and fold it down.
Now fold the sides down on the existing creases. This can be a little tricky, so play with the folds gently until you have them just right.
Do this on both sides.
Turn the paper over, and fold up on the horizontal line. Do this on the opposite side as well.
Pinching the two “lips” together, fold the whole thing in half while keeping them tucked inside
like this.
Leaving it slightly open, fold one point in.
Then, do the same for the other side.

Fold in half again on each side.
You’re done! By gently opening and closing the card, you can see the lips give a kiss.
Such a fun valentine!

16 thoughts on “An Origami Kiss for Valentine’s Day”

  1. I wish I could spend an afternoon with your daughter and teach her all the folds I know. Better yet, it would be fun to have her in my class. I know we'd have a great time! Learning, of course.


  2. Wow, your instructions are amazing, still it's a little more complicated thant the origami I can do. I love the idea for a valentines gift for the children, but how long does it take for you to make these? what a dedicated teacher you are.


  3. You're such a wonderful teacher! Again, I'm impressed by all the work you've done for them… they're indeed fortunate to be in your class! Great Valentine's Day idea, Bellezza.


  4. It doesn't take terribly long, Tamara. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes per Valentine. Sometimes I wonder if I'm casting pearls before swine, so to speak, but it always seems as though they appreciate what I do. I can only hope.


  5. I'm like a little kid when it comes to Valentine's Day and my class: I've bought the little conversation hearts for Bingo markers, I've folded their cards, and we've made special holders for all of their cards in which to be distributed. Plus, we read Junie B. Jones and The Mushy Gushy Valentine which, will very juvenile, is hilarious!


  6. I can see that giving them to one's students might not work for everyone. Especially Middle School kids. 🙂

    I'd love to hear how it goes for you when you try folding them.


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