Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie: Group Read Invitation

So glad that I saw a post on Mrs. B’s blog, The Literary Stew,  about reading Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. She and Arti, of Ripple Effects, have decided to read this most worthy work beginning in March. Having never read anything by Salman Rushdie before, this book seems the perfect place to start.
Synopsis from the Man Booker Prize site:  Born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, at the precise moment of India’s independence, the infant Saleem Sinai is celebrated in the press and welcomed by Prime Minister Nehru himself. But this coincidence of birth has consequences Saleem is not prepared for: telepathic powers that connect him with 1,000 other “midnight’s children” – all born in the initial hour of India’s independence – and an uncanny sense of smell that allows him to sniff out dangers others can’t perceive. Inextricably linked to his nations, Saleem’s biography is a whirlwind of disasters and triumphs that mirror the course of modern India at its most impossible and glorious.
Accolades: Midnight’s Children, was published in 1981. It won the Booker Prize for Fiction, the James Tait Black Memorial Prize (for fiction), an Arts Council Writers’ Award and the English-Speaking Union Award, and in 1993 was judged to have been the ‘Booker of Bookers’, the best novel to have won the Booker Prize for Fiction in the award’s 25-year history.
Also, Midnight’s Children is being made into a film for October, 2012.
The reading plan is as follows, with a post for each of the dates below:
  • March 31 — Book One
  • April 30 — Book Two (Part A ending with ‘Alpha and Omega’)
  • May 31 — Book Two (Part B starting with ‘The Kolynos Kid’)
  • June 30 — Book Three
Won’t you join us? We’d love to have you!

35 thoughts on “Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie: Group Read Invitation

  1. Diane, I own The Enchantress of Florence but have yet to pick it up. I guess I've been a bit intimidated by him, and it helps to know I'll be reading this with a small group. Thanks for considering it, I do hope you'll join in.


  2. I started a read a long for this book last year but had to put it down and didn't get back to it. I am excited to be joining in and look forward to finishing it this time!


  3. BooksNYC, I hope you didn't put it down because you didn't like it… 😉 This should be a good time to go through it, slowly, together. I'm glad we're in a group as it's the first time I've read Rushdie, and I'm sure I'll have some questions.


  4. I do need to read this one. Not sure if my schedule will allow me to join, but I'm glad to know about it! Will decide closer to March if I can do this or not. I read & reviewed Enchantress for publisher just before it came out. I liked it. Was baffled by one bit that didn't seem to fit; seemed odd. I felt like he'd done the research on this bit so wanted to use it anyway!


  5. I hope it fits your schedule, Terri, I'd love to have you join us. As to Enchantress of Florence after I read it, I'd love to talk with you about it. “…baffled by one bit that didn't seem to fit” has me a bit on edge, though. I hate when that happens! 😉


  6. I wish I had time to join in because of the film coming out later this year. But, as I've already read it three times, I think I'll have to stick to my many unread books right now! I hope you enjoy it and read more of his books.


  7. Rushdie is one of those authors I've always been intimidated by. I wonder if I can find this on audio. It might be a better way for me to sample his writing.


  8. I hosted a read-along of the same book in late October 2010. We had fun and it is one of those books which is fluid in interpretation and quite an unusual reading experience. All the best Bellezza.


  9. Bellezza,

    Glad you've jumped in unreservedly. I can feel the 'camaraderie' already. 🙂 Thanks for posting this and yes, I agree with Mrs. B, you've quite a drawing power!


  10. Joan, I know! I'm looking forward to Venice in February, too! Well, this will be India in March? It's something I feel I should have under my belt as a person who considers herself literary.


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