Persephone Secret Santa Revealed

The person to whom I sent a Persephone book is Rose of Rose’s Year. The person from whom I am pleased to be the recepient of a Persephone book is Jeannie of Sam Still Reading.
As so often happens at Christmas time, I feel a bit of “The Gift of The Magi” at work. In November, I sent Jeannie the book Dewey’s Nine Lives for the Literary Blog Hop Give-away; in December she turns it around and gifts me for the Persephone Secret Santa.

Not only did I send Rose the newly published Persephone book Greenbanks, that is the very title I received.
Funny how Santa works, sometimes, in the book blogging world.
A heartfelt thank you to Verity and Claire, our hosts for Persephone Secret Santa, and to Persephone publishers themselves for making such lovely books available (I’ll visit your store, some day I hope!) and of course to Jeannie for such a thoughtful gift sent from across so many miles. Thank you all for helping to make my Christmas bright.

20 thoughts on “Persephone Secret Santa Revealed”

  1. I'm always amazed how a blog branches to another blog and to new discoveries. Because of your blog, it leads me to Claire and from her to Stuck in a Book and to Christine Guldbrandsen with her beautiful song-Surfing in the Air ( and leads me to Aragorn's lullaby (from the Lord of the Rings) which I have forgotten.


  2. Oooh, Whipple!!!! I might have to buy that one for myself if I get a little cash gift. I loved Someone at a Distance and The Priory was wonderful too. And the endpapers are beautiful!

    My Santee was Care from Care's Online Book Club — she was MY Santa last year!


  3. You made it so easy with your post about the Persephone Biannually. I just hoped that you wouldn't buy it for yourself first! It was a pleasure to be your Persephone Secret Santa. I can't believe how much I wrote, they were great to fit that on one card.
    (Hopefully there is a postcard on the way too.)



    I broke all the rules and didn't open it till Christmas day, and I've been busy and offline for ages. But a huge thank you for thinking, for posting early and for the postcard too. I'm back to work tomorrow so it'll keep me company on the train…

    Happy Christmas!


  5. Rose, I'm so relieved that it arrived safely to your home! I was a bit worried when I didn't see you post, but I can't blame you for being off-line and maintaining some peace over the Christmas holidays. It's fun that we both received the same book. We'll have to talk when we've read Greenbanks and hopefully before.


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