Origami Directions for A Five Pointed Star

I had several requests for how to fold the star in the previous post. I wanted to take photographs of each step, but I think it’s easier for me to just photograph the direction pages and put them up for you to see. Don’t be discouraged; did you see these pages come from the “simple” level? Just choose a paper you really like. I used Japanese paper, but beautiful gift wrap works nicely too. (Or, a page from an old book.) Simply cut it in 4″ squares.
This book by Gay Merrill Gross has many wonderful things to fold, but it’s rather hard to find. Perhaps on amazon or eBay? In any case, you have the directions for the star above.
Have fun folding!

11 thoughts on “Origami Directions for A Five Pointed Star”

  1. Oh, wonderful! I will give this a try – and soon, so that I can send some in Christmas cards. Thanks, Bellezza!

    And sara, you should be proud. My verification word is “retry”!


  2. Ah, I can see the passion for origami is contagious. Hope you have great success friends (and daughters of friends)! So wish we could have an origami folding party of some sort together.


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