Advent Tour: Day 9

What is your favorite Christmas symbol? Is it the tree? A creche? A branch of holly or a stocking hanging by the fire?  One of my favorite symbols is the star because of its resemblance to the Star of Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:1-2)

Every year I like to fold a new origami ornament for our tree. I’ve folded cranes, which are an international symbol of peace, and more traditional prisms. This year, I’m folding stars for my loved ones. I doubt I’ll have many to hang on our tree as I like to give them away, but when I think of them adorning others’ homes at Christmas time, it gives me more joy than if I saw them in our own.

If you would like the star ornament in the photograph above, please leave your name in the comments. I’d love to send it to one of you (international is no problem), with the gentle reminder that we should let our light shine before others. (Matthew 5: 16)

Thanks to Kailana and Marg, you can visit the Christmas Advent Tour to read about more bloggers’ Christmas traditions all month long.

Congratulations to Fiona who is the winner (per of the origami star. Thank you all who entered.

28 thoughts on “Advent Tour: Day 9”

  1. Hmmm, Sarah, let me think how to do this. The directions came from a book called Ornigami, and I haven't seen them online or I'd have inserted the link. (There are thousands of directions for stars, though, online!) Perhaps I'll fold one, photograph each step, and put that post up as I did for making bookmarks.


  2. For me it is the advent wreath with 4 red candles. As children we used to light the 1st candle on December 1 and the others every week until Christmas. Also the advent calendar with 24 windows, to open every day starting December 1.


  3. That is beautiful!

    My favorite symbol is the creche, so mine gets pride of place on the mantle. But the tree, the star, wreaths, and snowflakes are also high on my list.

    Thanks for introducing me to the Advent event. I have an advent thing going on Rose City Reader, but I didn't know others were doing something similar.


    And have a Merry Christmas!


  4. Candles are my symbols – and stars. Both shed light of course, so I suppose that makes sense.

    Growing up in a Swedish household, there always were candles in the windows, and the beautiful ritual on Santa Lucia day. And our Swedish angel chimes, where the rising heat from candles turned the angels, and rang the chimes.


  5. Madeleine, I love Advent wreaths and calendars. My mother has given me several of the kind we had growing up, with the doors or windows which open and behind each is a Bible verse. The ones with chocolate pieces just don't seem quite the same. 😉


  6. Rose City Reader, I love the creche, too! My father made me one of my own when I was a little girl, and it is the first piece of Christmas I put up every year. My parents have hand carved figurines from Italy (Anre), but mine are only plastic.

    I'll be sure to come over and see what you're doing for Advent, and thanks for visiting.


  7. Shoreacres, this is another similarity between us: the Swedish traditions. I'm not Swedish, but I grew up in the Evangelical Covenant church. I love the straw and red ribbon ornaments, the brightly painted horses, the candles and Santa Lucia. We always had a girl represent her, and walk down the aisle with a wreath of real candles on her head. It was so exciting to see as a child (who had no idea of the danger it strikes in my heart now). Oh, we also had the angel chimes. So lovely…


  8. I studied at a convent school, so, though I am not of the Christian faith, I find myself singing Christmas carols around this time of the year… or… well, throughout the year, somehow! It might also snow around Christmas, and that will only add to the charm it has for me.
    I love your blog, by the way. I visit often, but this is the first time I am leaving a comment. Greetings from India 🙂


  9. Your origami star is beautiful. As for our home, we don't decorate much for Christmas. Instead, I try to get into the spirit by reading something that draws me close to the Reason for the Season. Currently I'm reading Madeleine L'Engle's Walking On Water, it's a wonderful read.


  10. What a very beautiful idea, I'd love to learn how to make them too. I love the handmade, the personal touch. You've been an inspiration to me 🙂 p.s. am in love with your blog header


  11. My favorite Christmas symbol is the nativity scene. growing up in an Italian Puerto Rican family and catholic this was always an essential part of our Christmas decorations.


  12. That's a beautiful ornament, Bellezza! I'd like instructions, too. I've got tons of origami paper, now, but I have no idea what I've done with all the origami books I used to have sitting on the good shelves. Must have packed them away.


  13. That's a beautiful star specially because of the paper you selected.
    Origami fascinates me. I learned somewhere that folding the newspaper like NY Times while riding the subways is similar to origami and has mathematical secrets.
    I like the creche that includes the 3 magi and the shepherds.
    The awe and mystery of “that baby is God.”


  14. I would love the directions for this!! My husband and I give our church staff and elders an ornament each year and this year I decided to make them. The ones I decided on are not coming out as I thought..these would be wonderful!!!

    I'd love to have yours hanging on my tree too!!! 🙂


  15. What a beautiful star you made! And I definitely like the Scripture you quoted for us to shine in the world that needs the light of Jesus! What a great idea too to made origami ornaments on a yearly basis to add to your tree! Wonderful tradition!

    My favorite Christmas symbol is angels because they got to announce to the shepherds the good news that the Savior had been born!

    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas season!



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